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Pale blue diazepam no markings just line??

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  • Pale blue diazepam no markings just line??

    Hi SWIM has just bought some Valium well cheap diazepam and they are a very pale blue with no markings just a score line on one side.
    They are VERY weak although SWIM does have a big tolerance and takes 35 10mgs in one go on an empty stomach with a hot brew at 7pm every night.
    Swim sometimes gets a hot/cold feeling but doesn't feel Ill
    Does anyone know what these are and are they safe to take? Ie are they animal diazepam or just very cheaply and ********************py made with god knows what??
    The electric shock feeling in the brain the next day seem worse than most other valium and only a smoke of H will get rid of them.
    They were £200 for 1000 and he's now worried what to do with them as they are for his own use to save keep buying abroad or getting ripped off.
    Any info on the tabs would be gratefully received.
    You can call swim on 07944472499 (unregistered) with any advice or info.

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    There's a lot of real, fake, and weak diazepam sold from foreign internet pharms. There's no way we can tell you anything about it.