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Help Identify Small White Pills "M-OXY" on one side "5" on the other

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  • Help Identify Small White Pills "M-OXY" on one side "5" on the other

    I have a pill identification mystery. These pills that say "M-OXY" on one side, and "5" on the other. Oddly there are no pictures of them in the database of this site, nor can I find information on the web that is certain. I think it's either oxycodone or oxycontin.

    I also have some small white pills that just say "M" on one side, with the M inside a square, and "5" on the other side. These too do not appear in the database. I am posting pictures in case the administrators would like to add these to the database. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    Very curious, the boxed M is definitly Mallinkrodct's logo, but I've certianly never seen these before. They could be foreign or counterfit or discontinued, maybe another ID'er here with better knowledge of foreign/discontinued imprints will pick it up. Mallinkrodct does call their oxycodone instant release "M-Oxy" though (as Roxane calls theirs Roxicodone, then Oxy IR for Purdue pharma, etc)

    Mallinkrodct makes three different 5mg Oxy-IR's that I know of; the round white scored boxed "M" "5" that you have, round white boxed "M" with "0552" on reverse, and the capsule form with a boxed "M" and "0554"

    They must be quite old since that post is from aug 07, and one of the image databases I use goes back to '05 for discontinued meds. So it would seem these are "brand name" immediate release oxycodone by Mallinkrodct (a truly rare site)

    Thanks for sharing the images btw, makes for a good reference tool. Would you mind if I uploaded them to a database (with image attribution to your username)?
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      Wow thank you so much for the excellent sleuthing! I can tell you had to work hard to get to the bottom of it, and on Xmas day no less. So it's "truly rare" eh? I feel like I found a rare baseball card or something, lol. Sure feel free to use the images, you can attribute them to me, or not, it doesn't matter. By the way "char_boy" has nothing to do with smoking or doing drugs, it has to do with playing with matches (something I don't do anymore either...).

      They are definitely old, I got them in the US and I'm pretty sure they were prescribed to me, but the label on the bottle is destroyed and I have no idea exactly when it was, but it should be somewhere between 2000 and 2003.

      Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!

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