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Small Round Pink Scored Tablet 0220?

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  • Small Round Pink Scored Tablet 0220?

    I have a small bright pink round scored twice tablet that says 0220. It says 0 in the first quadrant, 2 in the second, so on and so forth. There is nothing on the back of the pill either. I cannot find it in the pill identifier.

    I don't know what they are, does anyone have an idea?
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    0220 is 10mg Acepromazine Maleate, a pet tranquilizer/anti-nauseal made by Vedco. You're not going to ask if it's okay for you to take are you?


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      Thanks! and no... not that dumb

      No, I work at a vet clinic and know better than to ace myself, but thanks. Not sure how it ended up in the wrong drawer, but I didn't want to throw it out without knowing. I thought it might be ace, but I guess we have a new brand of it in at work now so the pills look way different.

      Thanks again.


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        Actually it’s still used on humans in some cases genius.


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          Same effect as Xanax just not as ate and I’m some cases still given to humans. Should do better research.