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Korea--Green Oval DA/SLT; Blue/Light Blue Caplet YH CCL 250

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  • Korea--Green Oval DA/SLT; Blue/Light Blue Caplet YH CCL 250

    After slicing off a chunk of my finger in S. Korea I was given pills for 3x/daily use:

    One is a small green oval with lightly imprinted DA on one side and SLT on the other.

    The other is a small caplet, half light blue and half dark blue. YH is printed in black ink on the dark side and CCL 250 on the light side.

    Language barrier has prevented me from finding out what these are. I'm supposed to take both 30 minutes before meals and the two do make me a bit doozy/lightheaded.

    Any help? I've heard Koreans over-antibiotic-use (that's good English).


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    Sorry, we don't have foreign and especially Asian pill imprints in our databases.


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      Koreans over-prescribe

      A while back I had a bruise on my hand and thought I may have fractured it. I went to see a general practitioner where I got my hand fracture. I thought my stint w the doc was over but oh no. He took me into a room where I was cornered by three nurses one of whom had a hypodermic needle. They were going to give me a big shot in my rump. I vehemently refused feeling it was TOTALLY unnecessary. They insisted that I have it. I wasn't going to have that happened under any circumstances. I won but not without the fight. Went down stares into the pharmacy where I was to buy a 3 day suppl;y of a variety of pills. Since the old lady was buying I didn't raise cane about that.

      Of course I never touched the pills. Through them away. I had a bruised hand that was healing. Why would I need several drugs to treat it?

      I am convinced that my host's medical community loves to give shots and prescribe pills following a visit to the doctors. I have my theories on why this is but one thing is for sure, they are over the top. Currently I am sitting in front of 4 pills I am supposed to take that are designed to help me with some tense muscles in my upper back. One of the pills has SLT DA on it. It is oval and green colored. 1 small white pill w ACP etched on it. 1 slightly larger flesh tone colored pill w. HMP MCL stamped on it and a small white pill that says hansol exp 50. I do not think I need them. The tension in my back is slight.

      Any thoughts?


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        Enjoyed your story, but scroll up the answers the same.