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Round light Blue pill W/ Pfizer on one side and BDN and 25 on the other

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  • Round light Blue pill W/ Pfizer on one side and BDN and 25 on the other

    I found some of these pills in my GF's dresser. I'm concerned because she has an abuse history. Does any body no what these are?

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    I can't find this, so I emailed Pfizer, waiting for a reply, please check back. If you find out please let us know, thanks.


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      I talked to a pharmacist and physician at Pfizer today, they don't have a record of this imprint in their database, they will call me back if they can find anything in their archives, etc.

      Brentac, are you sure this imprint is correct, and color and shape? Is this possibly a foreign pill? I doubt this will be identified, so if your info is correct then please confront your girlfriend and ask what the pill in question is. Any chance you can upload an image of this pill so that we can add it to our "mystery pill" query archives?
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        Pfizer called me back and wouldn't be any more specific except to say that it's from Mexico and it's called Bonadoxina.

        Using a Spanish to English translation dictionary, it says:
        Meclizina/piridoxina is indicated for the prevention and the symptomatic relief of the nausea of the vomit and of the dizziness.

        That was a hard one!
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          Pfizer: Bonadoxina

          Hi. Bonadoxina (Meclizina / Piridodoxina) is a medication here in Mexico to control nauseas and dizziness. Make you feel sleepy and drowsy.