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round brown pill w/ W nothing on other side

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  • round brown pill w/ W nothing on other side

    found two brown pills in a package that said *** [msa? mso?] standard with an expiration date.

    can any one help me?
    took a small piece and chewed it.
    made my tongue numb and when i spit it out it was a noticable yellow color.

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    first thing that comes to mind is like a laxative type pill , but i could be very wrong.. I would suggest bring it to the pharmacy if you have no luck searching online .


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      not sure on the name

      i'm not exactly sure what the name of the pill is or what you would ask for if you were to go to the store to get it but it's an over the counter system flusher. the reason i'm sure of this is because it turned my urine the color of tomato soup after i took two of them.


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        brown pills

        I may be complletely wrong about this, but take a look at "beano" images, "Senokot" images.