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White Pill - No Imprint

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  • White Pill - No Imprint

    I found a white pill, with no imprint on it.

    It looks exactly like a 2mg Alprazolam bar. White, 3 scores, rectangular.

    I looked through all the images of alprazolam on your site, but I could find any bars that didn't have an imprint on them.

    So is it safe to assume it's alprazolam?

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    No, it's not safe to assume, but it might be foreign or bogus Xanax.

    Sorry, there's no way to ID a pill without an imprint. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by law to have an imprint, otherwise it could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet, foreign or illicit.


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      They look exactly like the G 3722's, they just don't have an imprint on them.

      They even have the weird angled backs.


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        I understand that, that's why I say they could be counterfeit.


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          Well, I ended up taking it last night, and I think it might be fake.

          I didn't really feel anything, and usually when I take Alprazolam I can't stay awake. I only got three hours of sleep last night, and was awoken by my dog barking. I'm not feeling the usual after effects, either. No slugishness, I'm coherent, all I really feel right now is tired.

          Another interesting thing to note, is that when I attempted to break off a piece of the bar, to save it for later, it broke in the middle of one of the segments. It didn't break along the score at all. So I'm sitting there with a piece and a half and decide that maybe a knife would split it better. I put the blade directly on the score and pushed down with even pressure on both sides. And the pill split into four parts.

          Doubting the legitimacy of the pill at this point, I crushed up a couple of the shattered fragments and placed the powder directly on my tongue. It didn't have any taste to it, the closest thing I can compare the taste to is that of flour, or wheat starch or something. No bitterness, just a kind of doughy taste.

          Disappointed, I swallowed the rest of the pill, hoping everything was just the result of a foreign company making brittle pills with some sort of tasteless filler. After an hour, I decided to smoke a small amount of marijuana a friend had given me earlier for fetching it for him. After that, I kind of felt like I was on Xanax; I felt a little dizzy, and uncoordinated. But it may have just been some placebo effect enhanced by the bud.

          I'll have to do further research into what these pills actually are. My friends mom gives them to him because he's basically become a bar addict over the past six months or so. I think she might be trying to ween him off with placebos, or a weaker benzo.

          One last note. I've done hours, literally, of searching online for an image or a similar pill description and have found nothing at all. Like I said before, the pills look exactly like the G 3722's, except they have no imprint on them, and the angled backs are somewhat different.

          Thank you for all the help.


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            Thanks for the update, there's a lot of on-line fake stuff going around, they know customers have no legal redress since it's illegal to begin with.


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              i've had the same bars. I felt it. They even taste like xanax when disolved under the tongue


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                I got some of these blank 3 cut on each side bars yesterday after not taking them for quite a while and they are working great. I realize the laws where they have to have an imprint. Whatever they are they could be foreign but definitely not bogus.


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                  Look up farmapram


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                    I came across several last night and was skeptical until my friend explained that they are Mexico's brand of xanax bars they are called farmapram and IMO they are way better than the US version one of my favorite brands . They're blank on both sides besides the lines. And they taste way more potent then our verison here in America
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