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White tab (oblong) imprinted G254

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  • White tab (oblong) imprinted G254

    Tried drug identification w/ Micromedex and Lexicomp online- no luck. Patient claims it is ibuprofen. The G is upper-case. I also tried searching just under 254 and had no luck. Can anyone help?

    Also, do any of the professionals out there have a preferred source of drug identification and why do you like it? I am a pharmacist and I have used Micromedex in the past, but lately it is not working very well for me. Lexicomp usually provides more results, but I am striking out there tonight, as well.

    Thanks so much!

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    Answer for G254 Pill.

    The pill is made by Today's Health, Inc. and marketed in grocery stores, as well as discount chains, as a generic substitute for Extra Strength Tylenol. In other words, Acetaminophen 500mg.



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      Drug ID

      I use the Drug Identification Bible published by Amera-Chem. On line at


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        Fresh off of the GC/MS. The White oblong tablet stamped "G254" on one side and blank on the other contains ACETAMINOPHEN only.


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          Thanks, we appreciate the effort.


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            Can you explain to me how GC/MS procedure works, and is it quantitative?


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              The GC/MS is essentially two instruments coupled together The GC (gas chromatograph) separates the various chemical substances in a given compound. The separation serves to isolate the substances in order to allow individual analysis. The MS (mass spectrometer) "disassembles" each of the substances via electron bombardment as it exits the GC. Each substance is disassembled in a pattern (spectrum) that is unique. The spectrum is then searched against a library of known standards. In this way, we are able to make a positive identification of the componenets of a given compound. We are able to quantify the amount of substance in a given compound. However, we are more interested in what rather than how much.