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  • Green football?

    Hi my names landon im new to the community, nice to meet all of you. Anyways ill cut to the chase.... Is there such thing as a green 1mg xanax? The ones i have are the same oval shape as the blue xanax only the pill is thicker. The top of the pill has no code however on the bottom on the left side of the split there is an S and on the other side i found 902. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    I appreciate any help!

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    Answered my on question lol

    1 mg
    S 902


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      green football answer

      yes there is such a thing as a green football. they are new so it's kind of confusing but I just got the same ones. They are 1 mg.


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        New Xanax

        Originally posted by shanda907 View Post
        yes there is such a thing as a green football. they are new so it's kind of confusing but I just got the same ones. They are 1 mg.
        Did you notice these seemed stronger than the old blue footballs?

        I got 60 of them today, normally if I am having really bad anxiety I will take 2, otherwise just 1, I took one of these at 6pm sharp, I was instantly out till 1am. Got up took a dump and went back to bed and slept till 5am....

        Maybe that is just it these are so new and (fresh) it is how your supposed to feel on 1mg pill. Maybe the other blue ones had been sittin on a shelf forever.



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          My father has been on these for years and has had both he does swear that the green ones are more effective, I thought he was crazy but recently I was put on klonopin a similar type drug and I had the green ones and then last month received the blue ones and found them way less effective. Different pharamaceutical companies I guess.


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            Green and blue Klonopins are not the same as Xanax. The reason why your green Klonopins felt stronger is because THEY ARE. Blue Klonopins are 1 mg and the green ones are usually 2 mg.


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              yes there is really 1 miligram green but more thicker then the regular blue footballs and it does have an imprint s/902


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                Not the same

                I agree with you Spark0000 ..Green and blue Klonopins are not the same ...
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                  I've taken both and they are the same strength have the same ingredients in it so I don't see why it would be stronger when they're both 1mg but you could be right it could have been fresher and the blue ones that you had could have been older because I have notice when pills are fresh they are more effective