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Yellow Oblong Capsule with no markings

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  • Yellow Oblong Capsule with no markings

    I need some help identifying this pill. My little brother has been taking these and I cannot find them. The only "marking" on it appears to be a logo: it is a man's chest like he's flexing his arms upwards. Please help. Thanks!

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    We cannot identify a pill without an imprint. It could be a vitamin, a supplement, an illicit drug, or really anything for that matter. For what it's worth, I would guess it to be some sort of supplement. It sounds like a muscle builder. Although it could just as easily be a steroid. I would think along the lines of him trying to bulk up, but you will probably have to ask him in order to get a positive id on exactly what it is. Sorry.

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      Can you post a pic of this for us BMay?