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Round white blank pills in blister package, supposed to be Alprazolam

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  • Round white blank pills in blister package, supposed to be Alprazolam

    a buddy of mine just gave me these but they are blank white round pills, has anyone ever seen these before or know if they are real or fake? I have never seen 2mg alprazolam pills that were round and is appreciated thanks
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    Thanks for including pics, a lot of fake foreign drugs are sold this way, but sometimes they're real, but it could contain anything. I wouldn't feel safe taking them, that's probably why you're asking, buying drugs this way is always a risk, you have no recourse.

    Maybe my copy and paste answer will help.

    Sorry, there's no way to ID a pill without an imprint. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by the FDA to have an imprint, otherwise it could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet, foreign or illicit.


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      i actually tried one of them and they definitely feel like a 2mg xanax yellow bar, just a tad weaker so i believe they are real..I was just worried because I've never seen blank alprazolam pills before


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        That's a very common report, I know that some have been tested by GC/MS and found not to be Alprazolam but actually Diazepam, or very low qtys of Alprazolam.


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          I got these from a mate who got them online. I rate the round white unmarked ones from south america 8/10. They def are real. Remember, they don't have to mark the pills in some countries. Satisfied overall.