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Xanax - purple 1mg?

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  • Xanax - purple 1mg?

    Hi, I picked up an order online of Xanax and receieved 30 purple oval pills. They're supposed to be 1mg. The pills have little blue specks in them, have the slit for splitting on one side, and on the other is a smiley face sort of symbol. No numbers, letters or a logo. Anyone heard of/know what this is? The smiley face almost looks like a pumpkin face with a small triangle for a nose. I tried taking a picture but it was too small to show up on my camera. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Throw them out

    xanax 1mg are blue and a very similar colour to valium 10mg. They do have a split on one side but the other should just have xanax 1mg.
    Sorry I can't help identifying the tablets you have, maybe you should mention the name of the online store you bought them in so other people don't have the same problem.
    Be careful with xanax, you should only use them if you get sudden panic attacks. I used to take them all the time, but now I find it better to just take on and off and I take valium when I am coming off Xanax because it has a longer half life and doesn't let you crash like when you come off long term xanax useage. Oh by the way you probably know 0.5 mg of xanax approximates to 10mg of Valium


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      The generic Xanax you get in Asia are purple. You can buy them OTC in Hong Kong.

      If you bought them online from a non-legitimate source then they could easily be fakes. They know you're not exactly going to report them.

      I don't remember seeing a smiley face on the pills I had there.


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        are you sure the smiley face isn't a capital A kind of like outlined? i have the same ones and am trying to figure out wtf is going on here