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DARK BLUE CAPSULE - Sleeping Pill? Help Please!

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  • DARK BLUE CAPSULE - Sleeping Pill? Help Please!

    My boyfriend was just involved in a sleep test for apnea. He was given a pill to help him sleep and while it helped him get through the sleep apnea study, he has been TIRED all day and says he has a 'pretty decent hangover' as well.

    It was a dark blue capsule, he was told it was a sleeping pill, but because he agreed to participate in the study, he was NOT notified the type of pill nor any side effects. It was at the VA. He does not remember any writing on it, but he cannot be sure. It was the sort of capsule you could probably open up, with powder or something inside.

    Please, if anyone knows what this pill is, (assuming it COULD be something in the final research stages as well as something already FDA approved, since it's at the VA) let us know asap. Thanks!


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    Well no, that's the whole purpose, it's something new or a placebo, there's no way for us to guess.