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xanax 2mg football?

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  • xanax 2mg football?

    I recently found a pill. It is white, football shaped, imprinted on one side with "xanax" underneath that is 2.0, and on the opposite side it is scored twice to make it breakable in thirds. I never thought 2mg xanax came in footballs, is this a fake? i can provide a picture if needed.

    thanks for your time

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    fotballs huh?

    taste will always tell you if you have alprazolam..suck on it or chew it up and a certain bitternes will stay in your throat for 1-2 hours even after drinking.
    HOWEVER,unfortunately,especially insie the US lots ofake xanax going around.
    pretty-damn-good 2mg sandoz copies white bars with the gg249.....Nothng more than Melatonin.Youve got buy you're benzos overseas and you can see 100 diff alprazolams from overseas....bro' if it taste like alprazolam,then it is.
    hope its not bunk or old or just flat fake----------I should tell you I have seen 2mg xan that are not bars from foriegn pharms,but NONE shaped like footballs-theyre alwasy round,white,yellow,green but always round tabs.