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small bright blue pill with 'D' marking on one side

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  • small bright blue pill with 'D' marking on one side

    Hi, any help would be fab,,this pill is small bright blue with a 'D' on one side only no other markings, I really would like to know what it is,
    thanks in advance :-)

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    still no idea !

    i guess everyone is as confused as i am with this pill!! it as no other markings at all ,,i live in the uk if that helps?
    i have no clue as to what it is at all,,,it is about 3/4 cm in diameter,,bright blue with a large 'D' on one side only. i would appreciate anyones help and advice in finding out what it is,
    kind regards


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      I think it may be a generic tablet and is AMYTRIPELYN which i cannot spell!!! I took these tablets a few years ago but now taking imipripine instead as the amytripelyn gave me nightmares. I found the image on another site and the answer there which makes sense as i used to be prescribed it.