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solid blue antibiotics ?

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  • solid blue antibiotics ?

    Hey, my sister has had problems with pills in the past and yesterday I was over her house b/c she has a sinus infection and I was taking care of her. I asked if she had been taking her antibiotics and she said no she would just get better on her own b/c they make her feel weird. I persuaded her to take some and asked if I could see the bottle. I was curious as to what type was perscribed to her and how many times daily she was supposed to take it. She refused to let me see the bottle under the arguement that she doesn't like people looking at her medicine.. the pill she took came off as odd to me. It was a solid blue pill, that shape and style but a little smaller, It looked like a pain killer or something. I also noticed a yellow warning strip on the side of the bottle. I'm just worried about her, are there any blue antibiotics that look like this? if so can I be provided links as I saw the pill but not up close.


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    There are hundreds of solid blue pills for everything from nerves to heart disease. To awenser your question we need to know the identifier's of the pill in question. get a hold of one and write down the shape lettering or numbers from both sides,then come back an ask an we can help ya out. Ill bet it was a zanny though


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      Knowing that it's blue doesn't help remotely in identifying a pill. Yellow warning strips on a bottle can be for a variety of things, too, it doesn't automatically make something a pain pill.