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Orange Pill, round with raised arrow on one side

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  • Orange Pill, round with raised arrow on one side

    I am trying to identify a bright orange, round pill with a raised arrow on one side and nothing on the other side.

    I have looked through many, many images. The arrow is not a Y, it's not an A and it's not a heart.

    It is clearly arrow like .

    I cut it in half, the interior is white.


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    Anacin uses an arrow, it might be one of their products.


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      orange pill, round, with a raised arrow

      I also am trying to identify a pill of this description. my step daughter was caught trying to distribute it, and will not tell anyone where it came from and no one even knows what it is. It does not have an identifying number. It's a simple, round orange pill with a raised arrow on one side, the other side is blank.

      I didn't see any Anacin pills that were orange. Please help!
      Thank you!


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        I know this is an old thread, but I found it while looking for the same pill. I found 2 under my passenger seat. I found similar pills online, but Google couldn't identify it exactly. I took it to my pharmacist and he said he was 99% sure it was aspirin. That should have been good enough, but I needed the other 1%. Long story short, I found it. It says it's aspirin ec Hope this helps someone else out.
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