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Morphine or Dialaudid for pain

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  • Morphine or Dialaudid for pain

    Are the small round purple pills 30 mg morphine?
    If someone is on Methadone ..what would best for pain..30 mg morphine or 2 mg Dialaudid?
    Thankyou in advance*

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    I was on Methadone and Oxycotin IR 10mg for 3 days. Then i stopped breathing, and I have been on high doses or Narcotics for many years...

    Dilaudid is very strong. Very very strong. If you can use the Dilaudid, go for it. To ME Morphine is rather weak unless injected, and unless your in the hospital I don't recommend shooting up.

    I don't recommend taking any other opioid while on the synthetic-opioid Methadone. In fact....get off the Methadone. If for some reason you move, or your Doc dies, you will be in hell for a month while you withdrawl (even if you need it). And even if you have records, doctors will think your an addict (ie I have horrible kidney pain, and tumors but still have issues getting my meds)


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      Dilaudid did next to nothing for me and I experimented many times with varying (some quite high) levels. I got little to no relief nor did I experience a high. The one time they shot it inot me in th ehospital I felt it for @ 2 seconds (which were enjoyable) than that was it. Big Sex Pistols fan and Nancy and Sid used to shoot a ton of it when they were out of smack. Never saw the draw, but I'm not a needle freak, either.
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        Small round purple pill with 30 on one side and M on other are ms contin (morphine sulfate extended release)

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