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orange pill 44/392

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  • orange pill 44/392

    hey can someone help identify this pill?? its bright orange with 44 and 392 below it. round shape. any help would really be appreciated! thank you!


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    That is SO weird!
    I have the exact same pill in my pocket right now, and I came here to find out what it was. My friend SAID it was just an over the counter pain killer, but she's on heavy meds right now, and i don't trust her. I was having a headache. I want to know if this really is just off brand tylenol. help us!


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      Found same pill with someone we know has a drug problem, but haven't tracked down what it is. Please reply if you find out as I will.

      Wayne Little
      [email protected]


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        pretty simple for me but don't just take my word for it make sure you look elsewhere to comfirm. I can never get all these right for sure but I would say for sure just a simple OTC pain killer. I would say this pill is over the counter Motrin 200 mg. why do so many people have pills just sitting around without the bottles is my question,


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          44 392 is 200 mg ibuprofen.