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round, white, rough, flaky, no markings

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  • round, white, rough, flaky, no markings

    Found in a teen's room hidden with a vicodin. Flakes when handled. Looks home made?
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    Here's another try at that photo.


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      Possibly a OxyContin

      ManY teens and adults abuse OxyContin by snorting it. I'n order to snort the pill one must remove the covering of the pill leaving it to look like a round white unmarked pill that can easily be broken up and snorted. The only other white round pill with no marking I know of is a generic for a muscle relaxer called soma but it does not look like it in the picture it looked more like an OxyContin with the coating removed and since you found it with a vicodin my educated guess based ony knowledge of the subject. I'm a former user myself and now I'm a counselor at a drug recovery center. I'm not 100% sure but from the picture and the info you provided it sounds like OC