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Orange APO 600

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  • Orange APO 600

    Okay, so i came across an unlabled botttle of these pills.

    Imprint on one side is APO 600, other side has nothing.
    The pill is football shaped, and rounded. I attached a picture with exactly determined mass of the pill

    klick me for a picture

    best picture i could get. you should get the idea of what this pill looks like.
    The wizzard had nothing to suggest.

    I live in Canada if this helps at all. I found them in an unlabled bottle, together with a lot of 2mg Hydromorphone and a lot of 0.5mg Clonazepam, so i imagine this is some sort of pain-killer.

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    That pill would be ibuprofen 600mg
    Ibuprofen is an NSAID, and is technically a painkiller [:
    600mg is a high dose for one pill, that is definitely prescription strength.
    Hope I helped!
    -Peace, Love, Empathy