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Small round light pink pill with 2 flat sides and plus-shaped hole in center.

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  • Small round light pink pill with 2 flat sides and plus-shaped hole in center.

    Hi everyone,
    New here.
    Skip to Pill Description if you wish not to read the following:
    My question is about a pill I was given back when I was 8 years old.
    I was never told the name of the drug; it was only referred to as "medication", and, because I did not already know the word, I assumed, for the next decade, that was the name of the drug. Neither of my parents remember its name.
    It was prescribed because I was having troubles in school. And I still had troubles in school, because I just hated school.
    My dad did not like what it was doing to me, and flushed the last of them down the toilet.
    Pill description:
    3/16" or 5mm or smaller in diameter, 1/16" or 1.5mm or less thick.
    Light pink.
    Round, with 2 angled flat sides, sort of a cross between a circle and a pentagon. Or did it have 3 flats, like a trapezoid with its long side replaced with a 1/2-circle?
    Hole in center. Hole is plus-shaped, like a fat +.
    Scored. Score is centered between said 2 flat sides.
    Imprint: It had an imprint, but I never actually read it, so no memory there. It was engraved, that I do recall.
    Had to be taken with food.
    My dad recently said it was also known as a "vegetable pill" during a discussion about it.


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    I forgot to say, this whole fiasco happened during Winter '87-'88. Crazy 8's!
    I would have never thought of old data not making it into the reference, or being removed from the reference (Why?). I thought maybe it was just little-known. I guess it really is little-known.