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Is WATSON 783 diet pill or painkiller?

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  • Is WATSON 783 diet pill or painkiller?

    round white pill, looks like a perc maybe, but checked it somewhere and says it was diet pill.

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    Imprint Code: Watson / 783
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Diethylpropion HCl 25mg - Tenuate - Watson / Dupont Pharma
    Description: Tablet - White - Round
    Diethylpropion is a perscription diet aid that is similar to amphetamines
    and a schedule IV controlled substance
    pic of your pill is availiable at
    Info at

    Information = Freedom
    Information = Freedom


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      have you heard of people chopping these up and sniffing them


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        It's a generic brand for Tenuate which is also sold as Diethylpropion - diet aids that help with your metabolism rate - I recently had Diethylpropion prescribed by my doctor to help me lose weight before my wedding day. You know brides, we always try to look flawless and slimmer on that day.

        I hope this helps...


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          thanks to all for your insight. and congrats on your wedding.

          also, it appears they put something in this to make you sick if you eat more than a small portion. does this sound right to you?


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            No it never made me sick - I was taking 2 a day instead of the prescribed 3 a day. I felt a little jumpy at first, but instantly felt that I had lost the cravings and ate more sensibly. It definitely makes you feel full faster.