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Red/white capsule,HD 532?

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  • Red/white capsule,HD 532?

    I am trying to identify a red/white capsule with the imprint HD 532 on it. Can some one tell me what it is?

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    This pill is a generic version of Tylox by HALSEY DRUG
    Each pill contains
    Oxycodone 5 mg and Acetaminophen 500 mg
    Imprint: HD 532 / HD 532
    Description red/white capsule

    Info at
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      Thanks. This is an old script I had in a drawer. Now would you or anyone happen to know the shelf life if this medication?
      I know that most prescription lables say to discard after one year as some do get toxic. But Do pain relievers?
      With the cost of meds as high as they are, I would like to know if Tylox would "go bad".
      Thanks for any info.


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        This pill is now discontinued, and unfortunately I have not been able to find any dates to get an idea how old the pill may be.
        To be on the safe side, it would be best to toss them.


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          Well, I estimate I got this perscription about 8 years ago. Like I said before, I know meds like antibiotics go toxic. But do pain relievers? or do they just lose their effectiveness?
          I no longer have insurance to get to a DR. so If I can take this I would. But I am hesitant as, If the med is bad then I'll just toss it.
          I threw my back out and that is why I'd like to take a stronger med than ibuprophen.