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Small Blue round pill pliva 468 ~ID???

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  • Small Blue round pill pliva 468 ~ID???

    this & 2 others were found hidden in my daughter room can anyone ID them for me ??

    the others are
    large gray oval tablet with a @ or "a"
    followed by the letters HC

    the other is medium white round scored on one side letters EM on top 10 on bottom ~ any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Round blue PLIVA 468 scored is
    Propranolol Tablets (Tab 20 mg )
    Pliva Inc
    Generic Inderal
    a beta blocker (a heart medication)

    can't find the other two yet.

    Information = Freedom
    Information = Freedom


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      large gray oval tablet with a @ or "a" followed by the letters HC
      This pill is DEPAKOTE ER 500 MG
      Generic Name Divalproex Sodium
      Imprint Code a (Abbott logo) and HC
      Description gray, oval tablet

      You will find an image at the bottom of the PDR page for Depakote ER at

      Info at


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        the other is medium white round scored on one side letters EM on top 10 on bottom
        This pill is METHIMAZOLE 10 MG
        Imprint Code EM 10
        Description white, round, scored tablet

        You will find a description in the prescribing information at

        Info at


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          Pliva 468

          I know that the pliva 468 is a migraine medication, I take it for my migrains. As for the other two I am not sure, sorry. Hope that helps a little.


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            That's interesting. I'm on basically the same formula. I'm by no means a doctor, but the combination being use (assuming those are the only medications) are likely as follows (i only guess this because I'm on the same stuff).

            1. The METHIMAZOLE is often used for bipolar disorder or depression. It is likely being used to stabilize moods. ( I was on this, but I am on a different med now in the same family.)

            2. The depakote is used as an anti-seizure medication. I know that when that some of medications like METHIMOZOLE will lower your seizure threshold. So it may not indicate epilepsy but is likely used to prevent seizures that could be instigated by the other medication.

            3. The Propranolol is used for many things. In my case and likely your daughter's, it is used to treat tremor symptoms. The medications above in my case anyways caused horrible tremors. Holding my hand steady became impossible. I was put on this (along with mirapex which i find much more successful) to alleviate this side-effect.

            Again I'm not a doctor, but that combination is what I'm now (expect the Methimazole (on something different now)). And those are the reasons for which i take them. I can only hypothesize that with your daughter it is for similar reasons. I'm not sure why they would have been hidden, or how she would have gotten them but i can be fairly confident that there is no reason to take them other than to treat actual problems.

            That's my 2-cents. Take it or leave it.