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tiny white tablet APO / TR 50

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  • tiny white tablet APO / TR 50

    What is this tiny white capsule-shaped tablet? "APO" on one side and "TR 50" on the other. Not scored. Someone said it might be Ultram (tramadol hydrochloride) but it's way too small to be that, unless it's in a new form. Thanks.

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    White unscored capsule-shaped tablet imprinted APO on one side and TR50 on the other side is 50 mg tramadol - generic Ultram.

    You can find an image at

    More info:

    I'm not a pharmacist or a medical doctor. This message is not medical advice, nor is at an offer to provide medical advice. All drug identifications should be validated by a licensed MD or pharmacist.


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      Tiny white tablet APO/TR50

      A tiny white, capsule shaped tablet labeled "APO" on one side and "TR50" on the other is Tramadol 50MG. If you look closely, it is scored between the "TR" and the "50".