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  • lortab,vicidon,norco,lorcet

    What is the difference between the four pills? Is it the amount of acetaminophen? Also what does hydrocodne 2.5 look like? The generic and name brand please. One more question what is hydrocordone? Thankyou.

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    the four are basically the same, each is a different brand, and each come in various strengths, such as 5mg/500mg(Vicodin), 7.5mg/750mg(Vicodin ES), and 10mg/660mg(Vicodin HP), which is basically the amount of hydrocodone/the amount of acetaminophen. hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic narcotic agonist. it's strength is close to that of morphine. i'd say a hydrocodone 2.5 is probably a pill with 2.5mg of hydrocodone and some acetaminophen, i can't say how much for certain.



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      Hi Annie,

      to answer your question properly, Lortab, Vicoden, Norco, and Lorcet are all different brands of the narcotic analgesic hydrocodon/acetomenophen combination. Hydrocodone is a synthetic form of codeine. It is actually roughly three times stronger than codeine and has a more euphoric effect and obviously a greater level of pain relief. Lortab is a brand of the narcotic analgesic. Lortab is just a name for the combination just like Tylenol is the brand name of acetomenophen and Motrin is the brand name of ibuprofen. Now to get more in depth, lortab comes in the strengths 2.5mg hydrocodone/500mg tylenol, 5/500, 7.5/500, and 10/500. Lorcet is 5/500, lorcet plus is 7.5/650, lorcet hd is 10/650. Norco is a brand with the least amount of tylenol of all. It comes in 5/325 and 10/325. Vicoden has several different ones also being, vicoden 5/500, vicoden es 7.5/750, and vicoden hp 10/660. There are many other brands of this narcotic analgesic combination, but i won't confuse you too much, however i will give you a little more info about the narcotic hydrocodone. It is, as i said before, a very potent pain releiver given mostly for pain associated with broken bones, post operative pain, pain associated with giving birth, and so on. This medication is very addictive because of it's euphoric effect and the effect on the brain and what are call opioid receptors. These are sensory nerve cells if you will in the brain that receive the opiate chemical of any opiate( hydrocodone, codeine, cocaine, >>>>>>e, morphine)After a while they do very wierd things to the body if the drug is abused or used in a manner other than directed, so extreme caution must be taken when prescribed these medications. After your body gets used to them, a tolerence is built and you begin needing more and more. The worst is becoming addicted to the drug because no matter how bad you want to quit, one will want to continue to avoid the withdrawal and depression. Well I hope I was of assistance to you. Feel free to ask me anything, I would love to help. Jonathan

      jonathan tygart


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        These people don't really know what they're talking about. Yes, all of those pills are hydrocodone/APAP tabs--and they're essentially all the same. Morphine is much more potent than these pills; these are used for very minor surgeries such as wisdom tooth ops to things like knee surgery--it all depends on the doctor. Bottom line--they are addictive, but they are not what I'd call "big league" painkillers.