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Pill ID: Norco or Vicodin? M360

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  • Pill ID: Norco or Vicodin? M360

    I have a white pill thats large, oval, and white and says M360 on it. Someone said its a vicodin but I had a bottle of Norco that were small, oval, and white and said M360. Is it possible they could both be the same color and shape and have the same imprint but just different sizes? The vicodin was bought off the street, is it possible its not really vicodin and someone just made it? Id like to know what it actually is, and also, someone gave me a pill that was shaped like Vicodin ES but was blue. Is that vicodin HP or oxycodone?

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    7.5 mg Hydrocodone / 750 mg Acetaminophen


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      Ok thanks, would that be a generic for either norco or vicodin?


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        That's right.

        M360 is a generic version of Vicodin ES® by Mallinckrodt.

        Each pill contains Hydrocodone 7.5 mg and Acetaminophen 750 mg

        Description: White Capsule Shaped Tablet
        Identification Code: Debossed with M360; bisect on reverse side
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