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orange or peach round pill c 118 c118

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  • orange or peach round pill c 118 c118

    My mom found a small orange or peach round pill on the floor in our kitchen and asked if I knew what it was. She thinks it's one of my dad's prescriptions, possibly even something for contact lenses, we have no idea. It's more of a curiosity of what this little pill is than anything. So

    Very small
    Orange or peach
    Marking: C 118 ( or c118) the c is on the top of the pill and the 118 curves around the bottom portion of the pill right underneath it.

    This was posted by another person with no replies a while ago, so I thought if I posted again, maybe someone would notice and post some kind of reply.
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    Unfortunately I have been unable to confirm the identity of C 118 on the internet.

    But... C 119 is Famotidine 20 mg and C 120 is Famotidine 40 mg.
    Both have the lettering configuration you describe.
    It would make sense that C 118 is Famotidine 10 mg which is sold over-the-counter, unlike the 20 mg and 40 mg strengths which are only available on prescription.
    This is just a guess and I cannot confirm this.

    Famotidine 10 mg OTC is the generic version of Merck's Pepcid AC and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of heartburn associated with acid indigestion and a sore stomach.
    Info at


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      Famotidine 10 mg

      But do not quote me. I take absolutly no resoponsibility if its not. I am getting all my infrom from that website.
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        Robo and Rooker are correct this is indeed FAMOTIDINE 10MG

        Generic Pepcid Per Kirby on Mar 30, 2005

        Mystery solved - finally!

        Round pink tablet imprinted C 118 is 10 mg famotidine made by Dr. Reddy's Labs.

        The package I found is distributed by Target. The box is clearly marked "made in India" and simply says "heartburn prevention, acid reducer, famotidine tablets usp, 10 mg"

        I might not always be right, but I'm never wrong.
        I might not always be right, but I'm never wrong.