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Purple/Yellow Capsule with ST-2 and 224 over 3850

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  • Purple/Yellow Capsule with ST-2 and 224 over 3850

    Found this in teenagers laundry. Of course neither of them have ever seen it before. Yea, OK..... Its a purple and tellow capsule with ST-2 on the yellow smaller side and 224 over a line and 3850 under the line on the purple side. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Imprint Code: 224 ST 2 / 3850
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Ephedra / Colanut / White Willow Bark - NVE Pharm
    Description: Yellow - Capsule
    Stacker 2, the old variaty that still had ephedra in it. These are no longer sold because of the FDA/DEA's crackdown of ephedra supplements like these, but simple possession is not illegal. These were (and still are, in new "Ephedra Free" formulas") sold as a natural stimulent. This was the Caffiene free variety.

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