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Large round white pills

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  • Large round white pills

    I found large white round pills in my sons desk. they have no markings on them. Any idea what they could be?

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    This could be a tough one (especially for a n00b like me. Maybe Kirby or Robo can call it).

    I would think that something like this could be anything from breath mints (Mentos anyone ) to a actual drug.

    I also find it amazing that a pharm company would produce ANY type of drug without any markings on them whatsoever. Maybe the marking wore off.

    I have also heard that some "overseas" drugs can be found with no identifying marks.

    Best of luck with this.

    A \"Thank You\" goes a long way.....


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      my worry is that these pills are the pham told me that any r/x or otc would have markings.


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        what I meant to say is that I'm worried they are illegal


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          They very well could be of the "illegal" variety.

          As mentioned, I myself, would find it difficult to ID them due to no markings. You also mentioned that a pharmacy said that all prescription and OTC drugs would have a marking and I would agree completely.

          Maybe you could take them into the pharmacy and if they SAW what they actually looked like, they may offer some further info. You can also call your local Poison Control Center and local Law Enforcement to see if these types of pills are "making the rounds" in the neighborhood/city.

          Depending on your son's age, maybe call his school and see if any of the staff have envountered anything like this. I would do this with COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY and not mention any names. Just say that you are a "concerned parent" and found these pills and was wondering if anyone might have info on this.

          Just a few things to try.


          A \"Thank You\" goes a long way.....


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            ID's a pill w/ no markings is extreemly dificult to do, and would probably require a GC/MS test in a lab to determine their nature. It is correct that all perscription and OTC drugs made and distributed in the US are required by law to have identifying markings unique to that pill. This means that the pills your son has are either:
            1. a suppliment or vitamin tablet, which are not required to have ID markings
            2. a foreign med (foreign meds are not required to be marked, and if it is foreign it could be almost Anything)
            3. and Illicit pill (like ecstacy, 2cB, amphetamines or other substances commonly pressed into pills for the black market)
            4. Some orally dissolving tablets (esp. morphine) are availiable in the US as unmarked white disks. I don't know why these are allowed to be distributed w/o markings, but they are out there.

            I know that this range of possiblitys is literally anything from benign to something dangerous and addictive. I don't know where the layman can get lab testing done, and I'm sure if you find a place it will be very expensive. also offers a pill testing service for about $40 (i think). while they mostly do ecstacy or suspected ecstacy, they have tested other things including unmarked pills. Give them an e-mail and see if they do testing for other substances, and what substances. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but unmarked pills are THE WORST for folks like us who track down ID's.

            Information = Freedom
            Information = Freedom


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              Shows pics of X pills and other drug information. Check it out.

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                white unmarked pills

                bopper810 we also found round unmarked pills today in my sons room, they are not flat but rather rounded on each side, and a white powder substance not coated, they are not Mints as suggested , I wish there was a generic lab for parents to send unmarked drugs, you think the goverment would have such a thing to help keep our kids clean...


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                  There's many labs for a fee who'll analyze your pills, and I understand some police depts will submit them to a lab (at their cost) for analysis should they believe they're illicit.
                  Almost all unmarked pills are not drugs though, and the illicit ones that are - are usually crudely made; for the most part though even illicit pills like Ecstasy made in rogue labs, the person creating them are usually proud of their work and imprint them with some sort of symbol.
                  Maybe my standard copy and paste answer will shed some light for you.

                  Sorry, there's no way to ID a pill without an imprint. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by the FDA to have an imprint, otherwise it could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet, foreign or illicit.