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Oblong pink pills

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  • Oblong pink pills

    I received legal pink pills from a local headshop, maketed as "pink chills". They have a score down the center but are otherwise unmarked/labeled. The first time I bought them I was with a friend and he talked it up with the lady and she said they were from India I believe and used to treat anxiety if I remember correctly. Any idea what these pills are? They have a very benzo-like effect to them in terms of making time go by relatively fast, anti-anxiety properties and they definitely chill you out. Thanks!

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    No telling what that is. It may very well be a benzo. I'd be very careful, if you are drug tested at work or something you could come up positive. If you take that every day you could become addicted. Buying things like that from a head shop or any business, I would want to know the ingredients and know what sort of quality control and testing the business does on its products. It should know exactly what it is selling to its customers and you should know exactly what you are buying and consuming.