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10mg. Down to 3mg of xanax in one week. After 15 years on this evil drug.

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  • 10mg. Down to 3mg of xanax in one week. After 15 years on this evil drug.

    Wow! My side effects are so overwhelming. First time in my life failing to get off I finally got to 3mg in a week. I tried everything for the longest time and finally found a supplement that's helping tapper this deep. If your on xanax dependent. You probably wont believe how I did it so fast from large dosage. Help me fight this demon. Thanks.

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    Hey man keep your head up you got this I quit checked myself into rehab for Xanax I was doing 8mgs a day for 5-6 years straight. I was in rehab for 5 days and had to take off work for a month. I still have minor withdrawl symptoms. But it’s so much better. I am so happy to be off them and not having them control my life. Addiction is a mother >>>>er and with Xanax it’s the worst withdrawals ever because you have massive panic attacks 24/7 which can be so severe can give u seizures. This is why I checked myself into rehab. It’s important to have a good support structure to get you through, as your mental thoughts are so bad coming off of Xanax it’s hard to even think at all. Make sure to also find a good doctor and be completely honest with what’s going on. This will get you the correct help you will need. Things can seem like they will never get better and the depression is really rough. You have to just remind yourself this is only temporary. Ask your Psychatrist about gabbapentin and mirtazapine these were very instrumental in my recovery


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      And I forgot to add I’ve been clean since September of 2019. Still minor withdrawl symptoms. I tappered for about 6mo before checking into rehab and then going cold turkey up till present day when I’m rehab I was only given anti seizure medication. Keep strong it only gets better it may seem like eternity but trust me it’s well worth being clean from those nasty things.