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DAY 1 through DAY 10 going COLD TURKEY

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  • DAY 1 through DAY 10 going COLD TURKEY

    SIX Years of 180-220 mg per day, never missed a day.

    My last does (90 mg Hydro) was at 6PM yesterday, 17 hours ago.

    I woke up at 10AM and feel okay, a bit of low energy and I can feel most of my body parts starting to ache. My legs are a bit tingly, must be the start of RLS. I hope for a miracle and this will not be as bad as I think it will.

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    You got this!


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      Now almost 30 hours in

      It's 11:36PM and I feel as if someone beat me with a sock full of marbles for a good two hours or more. I have been taking the Thomas Recipe and it may be helping, the only item I don't have is valium or alike. The Hylands RLS is helping. Sitting here on the sofa watching TV and having a cup of coffee, not sure this coffee is a good idea, may promote RLS or more sensativity to overall nerves. Anyhoo, I did feel a surge of feeling I haven't felt in quit some time, I actually watched Carrie Underwood sing on HBO and really like her, maybe it's the vitamins. I also went outside and watched a few jets fly into the airport, we are in the flight path. The jets made me want to fly, I really hadn't noticed them before. Okay for now - I'm guessing I will be up all night, i.e.; the coffee, or not!


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        2:11AM and 32 hours in

        I'm still up and feel just awful, my legs are killing me, my body hurts, got the sniffles and my eyes keep tearing. I just took more Hylands RLS and I hope it works? This so terrible! I am also freezing and can't get warm. Yea, just like the flu, NOT! I'm guessing its going to get worse. Uhg! UHG! I can't sit still either, I keep getting up and down.


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          THE BACK STORY - -this was the first post to explain my story.

          Six years ago I was prescribed pain medication for an injury and have taken the medication ever since. The medication did 3 things for me, 1) it eliminate the psi, 2) it numbed me to all that was happening around me and 3) I let it take my life away from me.

          I am a 51 year old male, well educated and lived a life free of any drugs until I took that first pain pill. I had a solid career with 14 years invested in my employer and owner of a growing business 3 years young. I'm also a Husband and Father. As many other stories my prescription started off with Norco 10/325 and ended up with 3X 40 mg Oxy per day and 4X 15 mg Hydrocodone per day which was the prescription of the last two years. I too had all the symptoms of being in the pain pill circle of heck. My life went away slowly with each passing day until I lost pretty much everything. My career is over (fired 1.5 years ago), my company is closed, (failed 1.0 years ago) and my home is sold ( no income).

          I struggle every single day with all the same stuff counting the pills, counting the days on the days on the calendar and taking to much when the refill shows up and doing whatever I can getting through the last week of the cycle. I am so exhausted and so sick of spending my days, weeks, months and years this way. Two months ago I told my Doctor I wanted off the medication and asked for a tapper schedule. My meds have been reduced but I take to much so I have actually been pretty much where I have been over the past several years (same dosage milligrams). I'm out of my meds this coming Tuesday and really do not want another refill. I'm going to try and quit completely starting Tuesday. My refill is due in about two weeks and I am wishful I will be over the worst of it and able to decline the refill.

          There are so many details I could tell you about the last 6 years but if you're reading this forum most likely you have either experienced them yourself or know someone who has. If anyone has any words of wisdom or suggestion please let me know. I have all the normal feelings, afraid, anxiety, panic, depression and hopelessness. I am so worried I will fail and if I do what then. I just can't live this way any longer, I would rather pass.

          Thank you in advance,


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            4:13AM and 34 hours in

            I feel awful! All the same symptoms and no sleep whats so ever. It has been a grueling night. The sun should be coming up in another 2.5 hours, I guess these days will just run into one another. I have up down in and up all the way through this so far, I'll be so happy when I can juts sleep and sit without everything hurting so bad. If I can do this then so can anyone, its all in the head, well almost!

            I can't wait for it to be over, it is a really pain in the neck. I'm wishful that I will be more motivated to leave the house and do the things I used to do once the WD are over, thats what I keep think and whats keeping me strong. UGH UGH and UGH!

            Out for now.


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              5:21AM and almost 36 hours in

              I've had an upswing and feel really bad instead of awful. Just had another dose of Hylands and it seemed to do the trick, the legs have settled down to where I know they are there and hurt but not as bad. I am sneezing allot, I never sneezed while on the meds, so I guess I didn't sneeze for SIX years (where did all that time go).

              I am not the least bit sleepy! Still freezing and tears coming out of my eyes and my whole body aches, I mean aches! Okay I'm off - Wife and Son get up in 1 hour, maybe I will make everyone breakfast, NOT!


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                7:31AM and 38 hours in

                It hit me about an hour ago, I felt like I drank a gallon of draino, if you know what I mean. I guess after SIX years of being in the cement business it's a big change. Feeling awful again and everything hurts like heck!


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                  Originally posted by Efil Pleh View Post
                  I'm out of my meds this coming Tuesday and really do not want another refill. I'm going to try and quit completely starting Tuesday. My refill is due in about two weeks and I am wishful I will be over the worst of it and able to decline the refill.
                  You're really doing awesome! Have to keep fighting and fighting and this WILL be over soon. Usually takes about a week, with days 3-5 being the most noticeable and hard to get through. You are there now and it's time to really dig in.

                  Your body and brain will mess with you every chance it gets. It wants you to take another pill to ease up those symptoms. Don't do it!!! It will only put you right back to day 1 and pleasure you expect to feel from that single pill will be gone in a matter of minutes/hours. It just isn't worth it I promise.

                  Reverse your thinking and make yourself believe this isn't so bad. If a symptom pops up deal with it as best you can and say: "can I have another please". Lol. Not funny I know, but the sooner you have these symptoms the quicker it will all be over.

                  I highlighted the above quote by you because that script hanging over your head will doom your plan in a second. I know, I was there many, many times. It's all I thought about when I went CT, or tried to taper numerous times and failed. It's a very strong piece of paper that wants you to fill it so bad and begin taking them again. Call the pharmacy and have them cancel that thing. Yes, it's so hard to do, but in the end if you're really serious about this you can do it. Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, but in the end it's what it took to get me on the right path.

                  Hang in there as the days will begin getting better and better very soon. You will look back on this time and wonder why you thought it was so difficult.

                  Just a few days of misery to get your life back - SO WORTH IT!!!


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                    Hi e
                    Hang in there..
                    You can do it ..
                    I have read your story you have lost so much...
                    But if you do this right this time you will have so much more and be able to feel it and enjoy it..
                    You are so blessed to have made the decision to get clean because that takes so much courage and strength..
                    Be proud of yourself
                    Some addicts never get to say they have 38 hrs clean..
                    So please hang in there
                    This too shall pass
                    So many studies have been done on cravings and have found they really do pass quickly if we don't act on them
                    I found when I get a craving to acknowledge it out loud and continue by remembering exactly what that 1 pill that was too many and those 1000 that were never enough cost me....

                    This really is just a blink of an eye in your life and will soon be a memory.
                    Sometimes one day at a time becomes one minute at a time..
                    So please keep posting this is a great source of support
                    Take care


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                      Thanks Randy

                      I will call the doctors office and pharmacy and put a stop to the script. I will ask both to never to write or fill another script. I will tell them I'm done. I will post when its done.


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                        Thanks lluv2smile


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                          47 Hours in and I am one hurting SOB

                          I can barley type! Everything hurts, my whole body and it just will not quit. Thanks Randy for reminding about that script that will be ready in less than two weeks, I just sent the Pharmacist / Owner a text message telling him not to fill or send, I will call the doctors office tomorrow and tell them not to write the script and never to write another.

                          I keep telling myself 1000 pills is not enough and 1 pill will just piss me off.

                          I forced myself to eat dinner this evening, woof..... Yuck! OMG! --- and afterwards I really felt awful, awful. I know I'm supposed to eat but that was no good. My Wife is being wonderful. She knows who I am and knows this is not me, we have been married 14 years and she pretty much does everything around the house during the last two years. I used to cook, clean, fix things, buy all the furniture, paint, pressure wash and much more, now natta! Anyhoo - I guess for barley being able to type I'm doing pretty good. My mind went off the hurt for just a moment until just now another wave of punch in face just showed up.

                          Gotta go... Thanks all..... WOOF!


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                            Hang in there, you are doing great! Keep up the good attitude and you will be surprising the wife with what you will be doing around the house. Stay hydrated: hot baths, and it doesn't hurt to take some ibuprofen for the aches. Immodium as needed will help. Proud of you for sending in that text: there is nothing like feeling good for a bit and thinking about that one pill or thinking about being able to control this addiction and having something readily available.

                            Stay Strong: Treat your symptoms. You've got this.




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                              Almost 53 Hours in, it will be in 10 minutes

                              Still here and still not sleepy, jeez will I ever sleep again? It's almost 11PM and I am not tired at all, tried to lay down around 9:30 and not happening, my body is still to rigged. I can feel all of my nerves in my body just screaming to get! Also very weak,

                              I will be so glad with this is all over!