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Detoxing tomorrow

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  • Congratulations!

    Jeffro - applause is given even if you do not want it. What an awesome testimonial. You sound so positive. I have been on these boards for more than 2 years and remember you well. People should read your story. You were so down in the dumps in the beginning, but obviously pulled yourself up and more. To help other people in this fight is commendable to say the least. Keep doing what you are doing--loving the life that you now captured. You are an inspiration to many many people on here.



    • Congrats, Jeffro,

      As usual, a wonderful update. What an inspiration you are, my friend. I'm thankful that you stop in every now and then to spread the love and to let us know how you're doing and what new project you're working on. Finding or rediscovering our compassion for others and taking the next step to do something about it has been perhaps the number one reason I have managed to stay clean this long. It's difficult to explain what this seemingly simple thing does, but I do know that once I felt the rewards, I knew I was onto something. Anything we do for others is returned multiple times over.

      Always good to see your name pop up here. Made my day.




      • Guess who?! LOL!

        My alarm just went off and reminded me today my friends, is 5 years clean off opiates! I don't even know where to start or stop so I'm not going to try! Life has taken so many wonderful twists and turns and reading this old post as I do annually still brings back such incredible emotions of gratitude. I am so grateful for this forum and all the help and love I was given from it! You are all truly remarkable people and I sincerely hope the very best for each and every person on here.

        The annual goal is always to kick this old thread back to the top for the person that may need it today. YOU are worth this, YOU are capable, and my friend, YOU are powerful.

        I leave you all with one parting thought, I had struggled for so long to be the person I thought I MUST be. I have realized over the last 5 years who I WANT to be and I wouldn't trade that for one second for any substance or anyone! I hope you come to the same conclusion and allow yourself to transform your greatest mistakes into your greatest gifts.

        Much, much love everyone.

        Your old pal,


        • I love those that come back to update long after they came here for a crutch. Thank you for your words and being an inspiration!

          I will certainly go back and read your thread. And hope to be back in a year from now to share my one year update.

          Thanks jeffro


          • Mega congrats Jeffro! Five years is a huge deal!!!!