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  • Originally posted by tessamarie View Post
    My doctor just mentioned to me the other day that he is considering switching my meds to suboxone. I am terrified and have been reading these posts for about the last 2 hours. I am currently taking almost 20 30mg oxycodone per day, this is equal to about 120 (a hundred and twenty) regular 5mg pills per day. I am ready to stop taking the meds now, but reading up on what everyone else was on my dosage seems to be ten times more. I am terrified that this isnt going to work for me. I am only 30 years old, my marriage is falling apart because of the pills. But I also dont feel like I cant function while taking them. I dont know I am so confused. I have chronic pain from recent knee surgeries and fibromailagia. If anyone has any insight I would be grateful.

    I can definitely relate. I've had five knee operations and have Rheum Arthritis, Raynaud's Phenomenon, deg disc disease, lots of other stuff. I was taking thiry 30mg oxy per day plus 30 lorcets, 20mg xanax, 8mg klonopin, 20-25 soma and other garbage each day. I used subutex to finally get off RX opiates. You need to use it the correct way though. Lots of these bad stories you read are NOT from people who used subs the right way from the beginning. There are lots of successs stories here. Check out this link about suboxone. Let me know if you want help with the subs. God bless.


    • Libido is GONE with Suboxone. I am DEVASTATED!

      I started taking Suboxone in April 2008. I had to get off opiates before I was permitted to get electro convulsive therapy for severe depression. I started tapering off the Suboxone several months ago when the opiate cravings stopped, with the plan to get off completely. I was only able to get down to 2mg. per day before my old symptoms returned. My "old symptoms" were undiagnosed, severe abdominal pain for which I was prescribed Vicodin (after two years of unsuccessful tests/medications with gastroenterologists and pain management clinics). I became addicted to the Vicodin and was an addict, on and off, for years. With the Suboxone, I have been clean for well over a year. HOWEVER, for the last 7 months, I have completely lost all sexual desire and all sexual sensation. I have been to a gynecologist - she found nothing wrong, and I am too young to be going through menopause. I have never experienced this before, and it is devastating for me and my boyfriend. Have any other women had similar experiences and have you found a solution? Thanks for your help! - Julie


      • Originally posted by mer View Post
        My husband is currently taking Suboxone after 20 years of >>>>>> and other drug dependence. He has been clean since before Thanksgiving because of it, and I think it is wonderful. Unfortunately, he is experiencing some sexual side effects - mostly being unable to climax fully, and some difficulty with arousal. He is now saying he wants to stop taking the medicine, and I am very worried about that! Has anyone else experienced these problems that can give me some advice, or let me know if these side effects will go away at some point? Thank you!
        i had the same problem when i took suboxone for 2 yrs but my testostrone got so low i couldnt go to work. Now i am back on painkillers and my testosterone is back to where it should be. I never knew how hard it is to live with low testosterone. I dont know how you woman do it.


        • suboxone help

          unfortunately the side effects will not subside completely. Suboxone is a form of opiod and therefore interferes with sexual arousal and pleasure. I am surprised that these side effects were not present when your husband was using other opiods. When I did abuse pain killers, the euphoria replaced sexual arosal, Suboxone does the same though the amount of opiods is far less than those during my abuse days. He should not give up the treatment! Arousal will return once the frame of mind is established


          • My son recently told us he was addicted to Oxy and is now taking Suboxone (8 days) Today some of his pills came up missing and he is freaking out. Is it possible he is taking too many or should I be concerned about the other teenagers in the house? While taking Suboxone do you feel delusional or parinoid, like he may have taken more than what he thinks?


            • If he is an admitted addict certainly the pills can be abused. I would be quicker to wonder about him than the others in the house but who knows? I don't know your children. This one has to be your call. God bless.


              • pro >>. con?

                Originally posted by Needlefree4three View Post
                I think what member MPVT may be the best solution. I never knew that before now and I am going to have the shots next visit.

                I have been on it for three years. I am on 24mg of Suboxone a day. All the side affects both you and the message above you have happened to me. I have also been out of work for two-years because of another side effect(can't remember the name). It has made me lose muscular strength. I am so weak and tired all the time all I do is watch T.V. all day and night. I have no drive to do anything. I previously, was an avid hunter,fisherman, and rode mountain bikes. But, I am now down to 16mgs a day and am feeling better. I plan to be off Suboxone soon. I used Oxycontin intraveniously for seven years and I am confident I can remain drug-free now. The no libido can be helped by the right anti-depressant. I got on Zoloft and got mine back, the irritability and always being edgy are partly from the depression and the Suboxone. Show your husband my message,I've been on it three years the side effects are real, especially the depression because we are used to being Superman and the life of the party. It is a major life-style change, it makes you feel like a nobody. When you aren't. Scientific tests have proven opiate addicts are some of the most intelligent people on Earth. Not bragging but I still have an I.Q. of 149 after all those years of Oxy's,Meth,and alot of >>>>>>.
                Hope this helps.
                My wife has been on suboxone for over a year now. She is addicted to prescription opioids. She is exhibiting symptoms as you describe. Lethargy, no motivation, (has not had a job in almost 2 years time), etc. She is very depressed and in a foul, short tempered mood all of the time. She has remained clean but unfortunately exhibits symptoms of old behavior. She has actually stolen money and hocked items to get her precriptions filled at times. I believe in this drugs benefits, but on the flip side, I am having trouble with the concept of being addicted to precription meds, and treating that illness with a prescription med. When she is faced with not being able to get her suboxone, even for a day, all hell breaks loose. At times I think the vicodan days were better. It sure as heck cost me less. How do I stay the course with this stuff, I am becoming so frustrated, especially because things seem to be getting worse daily, not better. Her doctor seems to have no plan at weining her off of this stuff, my monthly tab surpasses $500 at times. I have had to set her an "allowance", but then she jacks my bank card when I'm aslleep or hs even made false deposits in my bank account to get the funds to supply herself her suboxone. Some advice please.......


                • New Kid in Town

                  Hey I know a cheesy reference to the ol Eagles song (I'm showin' my age)
                  I recently retired from the Fire Dept. I injured my back in 91 and things just got worse. I started taking Darvocets for the pain, probably 1998( Yeah I toughed the pai out that long),but I was young and full of ***** and vinegar.
                  I progressed over the years to Lortab 10 mg for a few years and graduated to Percocet 10mg for the past 5 years. I tried t stop on my own with no success and finally made the call to see a Dr about Suboxone. I'm hoping this will give me my life back.I was starting to run out of my script within 2 weeks.I was snorting some and taking some orally. I finally realized this is killing me and I need to stop, Ha it ain't that easy, withdrawals are not pleasant. I need support to know I'm doing the right thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


                  • Here is how we suggest using suboxone/subutex. I'm on here daily. Read the link, pay especially close attention to the INDUCTION section, then let me know if you want my help. God bless.



                    • yes, thank you
                      Any help will be appreciated
                      God bless


                      • Hi Bassman

                        My fiance is going through suboxone with Robert's help. So far we are doing pretty well.

                        I was hestitant that we were going the right route with the suboxone at first but now I believe we have made the right choice. He started at 6mg of suboxone and is now down to taking .75mg. We're on 7 weeks. From what I have read, don't stay on it long. I believe Robert and everyone else on here to be true with what they say.

                        he was taking/snorting at least 120mg of oxy a day switching between those and ultram. (he has back pain)

                        I thought I would tell you what I have seen and noted with him. A LOT of emotion! He will be in the dumps some days and other days fairly well. I seem to notice the depression/anger and intense emotion around the tapering. lack of energy as well. however, the sex drive is back! i will say he has a clear head now, not living in a fog that became normal to him. other than that, he doesn't really have many effects from it. he gets a pain in his sternum area when we taper, new to Robert, strange...but goes away. Also the loose stools around tapering time. I push him with imodium and activia yougert for that. For the back pain, we are looking into it the right way, starting with visits to the chiropractor. I also give him a mix of stuff every morning to start his day. ibuprofin, asprin, excedrin, multi-vitamin and the L-Tyrosine w/ Vit B-6. Oh and if you drink alcohol, it doesn't mix with the suboxone. not sure why, but it always made him sick. brilliant if you ask me! he he...then you can't replace one for another.

                        I wish you all the best and hope you can get your life back! As being the supporter on his's been extremely difficult for me. I hope you're wife sticks through this with you to see the light on the other side. As my fiance mentions, he was leading a life to death, quickly. He believes this is the hardest thing he has had to deal with. I know this is the hardest thing I have had to deal with.

                        best wishes


                        • Monday seems like years away

                          I called the help line a few nights ago, made an appointment to see the Dr.
                          Today is Fri Sept 11, I feel terrible, I'm sliding by with few darvocets I have left.I wish Monday were here. I never knew w/d's would last so long, I presume it's pychological. I don't know. I feel fear about even going to my appointment.My mind is in a fog. I pray this Sub therapy will help me.So many mixed feelings.Aquestion I have aside from all my whiny complaints is. Does anyone know the cost of Sub therapy. I have insurance. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated, also Robert I could not get to the web adress you gave me in your post and thank you Molly for your advice.Good luck to your future husband. I wish him the best. I pray we all can someday be clean.


                          • bassman, glad you are trying to turn your life around. i'm not sure how much you are on, or how big your habit was/is...but just be careful about the doctor trying to start you out on a high dosage of suboxone. it happens all the time, as most of them really don't know as much about the drug as they should. if you can get the script to take home, and have robert induct you it would be ideal. if not try to keep in under 8mg. people tend to underestimate the power of the sub. hang in there, and make sure you are in full blown withdrawal before induction. the price for sub therapy tends to varry from different doctors. i have seen initial visits run up to $300, and monthly scripts up to $180. Hopefully your insurance will cover some to keep cost down, and after your initial visit, they shouldn't charge you as much thereafter. i never went to the doctor, i get pills from friends, and learned about the taper plan from this site. thank God for that. i have been on subs for almost 7 months, and i am getting so close to finishing my taper plan. stay connected. all the will.


                            • New to this post

                              Good afternoon all. I'm new here and have read most of the posts regarding the use of Suboxone to help get off these addictive meds such as Percocet’s which was my most recent addiction. Reading the other posts I realize that my addiction, or rather as my addiction doctor calls it "Physical Dependence" is rather very light compared to most. I am middle aged and have been around the block a few times myself but never to the extent of some others here and for those that have the guts to continue and try to get back to where life is good I salute you because I know not just from my dependence but from other things I was involved with in the past that it takes guts, determination, goals, consideration, and a host of other positive attributes to make it and I know you all will. One last thing I would like to comment on before I move on to how I got here and what I am doing to try and help myself, and those that care about me, is I totally agree with Robert and Sister about those folks that seem to have nothing better to do than stick their mucky fingers into a beautiful painting just to put an ugly spot on it. That may not be their original intention but that is sure how it comes across. Don't need it and don't want it. That said here I go. I started years ago with Vicodin. Had knee pain and other joint pain along with some arthritis developing here and there. Progressed to Combunox then to Percocet’s. I never took then in large numbers as some have mentioned but for me what I did take was a lot to me. At most it was perhaps 5 or 6 of the 7.5's when I could acquire them or the 5's. Most of the time it was only 2 to 4 a day for years. I never knew or rather I should say I felt I had an addiction as I never really felt the so called "high" but I did feel the "confidence, drive, and creativity" feelings from take the meds. I guess that can be considered as a so called high but I would rather call it just a pleasant feeling. I have gone through cocaine addiction back in the early 80's and after going through almost a "g" a day I quit cold turkey which was hell. Gave up smoking and drinking the same time and the only thing that kept me going was that knowledge of I quite for 1 day I can't go back now. I quite for 2 days I can't go back now then a week, month, year, etc... That and since my heart went crazy it scared the ******** out of me so that was a good wake up call. Getting back to the current situation, I always had a supply of one type or another either through prescriptions or left over’s etc... About 2 months ago over a weekend I didn't take any pills for 2 days and by Monday morning I felt like I was run over by a truck. Nose was running, body and bone aches the whole 9 yards so I just thought I was coming down with the flu. So after I got home from work I popped a perc and did what I normally do and by Tuesday felt better so I thought nothing about it. The following weekend again I didn't take anything but being so tired I slept all weekend and again by Monday morning I felt totally rotten. Again I thought I was coming down with the flu and during work on Monday something hit me and said "you have symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal" so I called my doctor and he suggested I see an addiction specialist. As soon as I called them to schedule an appointment they immediately knew exactly what I was describing and here I am. The Suboxone dosage I am on is very small. I started with a prescription for taking 1 of the 2mg tablets 4 times a day but never took that much. Someone on the post said after taking their first dose they got a real high. Well I didn't get a real high but I sure felt relaxed and somewhat sleepy. I guess probably because I was having some muscle and bone pain that when the pain somewhat went away I felt "good" so to speak. Haven't felt that way again since though and to tell the truth I could care less if I did or not. I just want to be over and done with the opiate addiction. So I pretty much started myself with the doctor’s approval of taking 2 and at the most 3 of the 2mg tablets per day. I am already tapering myself down so I am now taking half tablets which equate to 1mg only 2 or 3 times a day and it has been about 7 weeks now since I started this. What you folks say here on this post is true though that everyone reacts differently to medications and treatment. I was on a low dose all the way around it seems through the percs to the Suboxone but never the less I still felt the W/D symptoms and I am sure there are many more folks out there that take or have taken even less than I have that are also "hooked" and can use the helping hand to get them through their ordeal. Looking from the outside in to all this my only recommendations to everyone are first and foremost is don't give up! Second is being on various other posts I have come to realize that no matter what you will always have good people and bad people on posts and I would have to say don't bother to listen to the bad people but listen to the good and you can certainly see who they are. I agree that people that have been addicted to drugs have an edge on knowledge over those that haven't as they have been there, done that, and are now trying to be in the club of "once upon a time". Because you have gone through so much listen with your mind and intelligence and just by reading the posts you can easily tell who is for real and who is just trying to willingly or unwillingly stirring up ********. You are not dumb and know better and that is what brought you here so use that logic and open your eyes and see the right that the good folks are trying to teach you. Sure it is easy to say "I already know that" well if that is the case then look for something you don't know and pass along what you do know to those that do not know. There is no such thing as a stupid question for if you don't know you don't know so ask right? Next is it doesn't matter what your addiction be it large or small it is none the less a troublesome problem that needs to be taken care of so continue on to get clean no matter what. Finally you will always have set backs. No road is ever smooth and you learn by going over the bumps. That is what keeps you from going over the same bump or larger ones down the road but we are all human and sometimes we slip up. This is not failure. I would call it progressive learning. Just try not to do it again and move forward. Again being new here, I know I am long winded, some the feelings and symptoms I am feeling while being treated with the Suboxone is depression, muscle aches, sweating, nauseous, trouble sleeping and I sincerely believe these are probably more related to the W/D from the opiates rather than the Suboxone. Even if it is the Suboxone as it was said "it is just a small price to pay" to come clean. Hang in there folks and finding out others share the same pain I do not only gives me strength and hope but a sense of pride in a strange way that I feel like part of a team.


                              • Twilight zone

                                Hi everyone! This is bassman once again.Hope you don't get tired of hearing from me, but this is a great way to communicate with individuals that have the same disease and I repeat disease, it's just like herpe's simplex, baggage that we all carry around for the rest of our live's. Like I stated before I'm retired from the Fire service and I also have medical background (paramedic).This does not make me Dr. of medicine, but in the 27 years of doing the job, I have seen and delt with just about every medical condition under the sun.Please..........I am not bragging in any way shape or form. My last call of duty was a >>>>>> overdose, a 40 year old male who had snorted an undetermined amount, his buddy was sitting on the couch crying as myself and the rest of the crew were trying to bring this young man back to life.I was the charge senior Paramedic, every move and decision was based upon my knowledge and experience. I ordered every drug and treatment that flashed through my mind. I even did procedures that were out of protocol.I was determined that I was going to save this individual, until I started to get that look fro my Deputy Chief that all my efforts were not going to be successful.I went home the next day and snorted about 10 percocets and cried like a baby. The timeframe i am speaking of is August 2008.I have since dropped to a level that I believe I am approaching that same level, but with a prescription drug.Ironic, I helped one of my school friends get into a methadone clinic 3 months ago. His drug of chonice WAS methadone 50 10 mg tabs a day,Yes you may not believe that amount, but it is true! I felt like
                                such a hypocrite,helping him and knowing I was headed right down the same path.I really hope the Sub therapy helps me and hope and pray for all of you great people,it does the same. The hardest part for me has been to confess to all my friends,but by the grace of god, they all support me.I will let you know how my Monday appointment goes.
                                Let us all get well!