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    Suboxone Side Effects - Vision problems

    I am having problems focusing wht I and look at the computer screen, having take my 2 mg dose of Suboxone about 3 hours ago. Has anyone else had vision related side effects from Suboxone. Like problems focusing when reading online?

    I also ex perienced alot of sweating throughout the night last night. I had (per Dr's orders) increased the total dose yesterday to 10 mg for the day. Had been taking 6 mg per day. It was a little warm in my apartment, but no matter where I tried to lay down, I started sweating.

    I have only been on the Suboxone for one week (to treat my chronic pain. Not necessarily pleased with it at this point.

    Any comments, suggestions?? Thanks much.


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      sweating yes, and watch for severe constipation in my case.
      I have been on it for a year and trying to get off lately. My eyes are a bit worse now in reading, but at my age, i think it's kind of normal. They (eyes) do feel a bit swollen.


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        Robert; update 9/14

        Hi all,
        I have been taking the small chip cut from the 8mg. Aiming at .75mg for now.
        It has been very unscientific as I dont feel confident cutting that from the 8mg size. I know you said 2mg is easier to do, and i may have to request that from Dr.
        Anyway I have been feeling pretty terrible the last 2days. I just cut another pill to get a better idea and realized I had been down to about .35 to .50mg./day
        the last 2 days. Does this mean I have been w/d ?

        I know this is hard to figure, as earlier you mentioned it might even be the naloxone in suboxone causing some stuff.

        anyways, the temptation is to take more suboxone to see if i feel better; or should i chalk it up to detox gains (no pain no gain?) and zero in on .75 for a week? (possibly .75 is more than i have been having in the last couple days, so this should be an improvement, before titrating further down)


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          I am in the process of weaning off the sub myself......

          these are my symptoms, see if this answers your questions.

          I break out in a sweat for about 20 to 30 mins... then get a chill with goose bump.

          I find that about 12 hours after I take my .5mg I began the yauning... difficult sleeping.

          Does this help gage your wd.... Now I have only been on the subs since July. a lot less time then you... so far the wd I am feeling has been very manageable, nothing like cold turkey...

          Hope this helped.



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            thanks sis,
            i escaped a yrs addiction to oxycodone w/ds thanks to suboxone.
            so I dont really know how that (cold turkey) w/ds would feel other than the last 4-6 months on oxy was like living in a dark hole anyway.
            my symptoms include sweating off and on lately, but nothing like the first 8months on suboxone where sweating was real bad everyday. I still have to take something for constipation.
            Here are my physical symptoms:
            fatigue ; difficulty doing chores, work, cooking, etc.
            lack of focus; hard to pursue mental goals, like paper work, shopping, socializing.
            sweating from time to time.
            psychological symptoms:
            depression about 75% of the day
            anxiety (50%)
            panic (20%)
            - these symptoms are hard to pin on sub, since I am addictive personality and am still dealing with the emotional consequences of such actions, and I believe/hope that titrating off of sub will further my learning a healthier life with freedom, to a great degree, from destructive addiction and the consequences.
            I realize many people get hooked unknowingly, due to medical reasons for opiates. Perhaps the psychological symptoms are not so prevalent in their cases.


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              your in what is called PAWS........I hate to say this can last for a bit.. eveyone is different but with the time you have been using and then the sub... I suspect that maybe/hopefully the paws will not last long...maybe a few weeks to a few months.. but one thing for sure... It will pass as long as you dont use again...

              I would suggest a few vits.... b12, vit c, multi vit to help with the energy. If you still having constipation problems get Sennakot otc.... take two at night till you feel like you had a decent s%%%% and then only take them as you need them after.. it will take time for you to straighten out..

              Good luck,


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                Well I took my last dose of Methadone 30mg Sunday at 9:00am I start my Suboxone Tuesday morning...I am starting to wd I think? I ham cold then I am hot....I am clammy and I am so tired and achy all I wanna do is sleep and lay in the bath tub...I guess its a good thing I am starting Suboxone tomorrow...Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks all...


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                  If any of you know Robert or who havebeen helped by his knowledge and caring, he lives in Houston and was apparently hit very hard with the hurricane and without power. I am sure he is thinking about all of you he talks to and is wishing you all well. i am sure he will be back as soon as he is able. I know he has been a great inspiration to me!


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                    I am not a drug user. Have never been an abuser of anything. as Robert well knows I had 2 serious back surgeries, one for a bone staff infection after the surgery which nearly killed me. In bed for months with an open wound in my back and got addicted to oxycontin as my doctors told me I would. tried the sub. Took it a few weeks. Got down to less than 1mg and stopped on Monday am at 9am. it is now Wed. at 11:00. Not so much nausea, but I generally fell like ********************. Ache all over. Can barely walk. I fell so exhausted. Going on vacation sat. don't knowif what i am feeling is the withdrawl still or am I just sick. Can't get the Dr. who Rx the sub to call me back. I guess since I was a temp patient of sorts, he has no use for me. I wrote him an e mail and even offered to come in and see him on a cash basis so he could tell me what is going on. I am new to all this stuff. It was something I could not help. I would have taken anything for the pain. the wound was 15" long by 5" wide by 5" deep. My back is healed and fixed. BUt this drug thing has me freaked out!!!! Grew up in the 60's, smoked a littl epot. That's it form e. Can anyone tellme how long I am going to feel like hell. I promised my husband if I am not better by sat (vacation) I will take alittle sub for the week and deal when I get back from vacation. I don't have any of theother bad symptoms like the creepy craleys I got coming down off theo xycontin. I got down to 20/20 2x a day and could not get down any further without bad symptoms. Any suggestions from someone who knows more than me. Glad I am alive and lived thru it but this is not fair!


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                      Yes..... your in wd from the sub....

                      I have been on it since july 11 and my quack of doc put me on 40 mg. I am now down to .125 to .5 and have been in wd for a few weeks now. I have not been able to get lower.

                      I posted a thread called " I found this Most informative, suboxone" read it and if you have question come back


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                        I did not find it. At 3:00 in the morning after writing my post I could not take it any longer. My body hurt so badly. I would not even think of taking a percocet while on this stuff, even though I probably have 50 of them in the cabinet. No interest in drugs or getting high. I have only been on the sub for about 4 weeks total. Started at 4mg 2x a day. Spoke to the dr. today and he thinks it is mental. I again explained this is new to me, not a drug user. Hello?!?!?! Anyway so now I am taking less than 1 mg once a day every other day for 7-10 days and then try every 3 days and so forth. He gave me the 2 mg tablets to do this and I broke them in about 4 pieces although that is even hard to do. A lot of it was just dust that I threw away. I take Ambien every night for insomnia and I even took 10 mg of valium last night but I still did not go to bed until about 3:30. I usually sleep so well. Hoping now on the sub again I will sleep tonite. I felt better with 30 minutes of taking it at 3:00 am and woke up today feeling great. Like my old self BEFORE my surgery. I could not walk for 2 years prior to the surgery and before giving in to the surgery so I am greatful to walk and not be in pain but I want to get past all of this. I know 3-4 weeks on this is nothing to most people but I just want to move on from this. It just reminds me of the surgeries. I wanted to die, believe me. I would have taken anything for the pain. I was on Oxy 80/80, and Dillautid 8mg every 6 hours and percocet 10/325 every 4 hours. stopped the percocet and dillautid NO PROBLEM because I was still on the oxy. So I guess I should feel lucky????


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                          hi alck
                          I just pulled up that forum sister was telling you about.just go to new post and you will see it..


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                            []Days 19 to 21- (.25mg to .5mg) if you can break/cut the pills this small, this low amount will make the wds as mild as possible. A long drawn out taper is not really needed if you are not yet physically addicted to the sub, so feel free to make up your own plan, just try to jump at around the 1mg mark for the easiest overall time. (Short term sub detoxes only[/I]) [/U]
                            Thanks I did read it. I tried to jump from what I think was .5. i went the 60 hours and gave in I was so sick. The diarehhea and throwing up went away but I was so tired I could not put one foot in front of the other and then could not sleep. So now I am .5 every day for 7 days and then every other day for seven then every 3 days and so on and am hoping hoping hoping that this works. I am 58 years old and do not neeed this in my life. Fortunately I do not work and can relax thru it if I actually could relax. A lot of the anguish is mental because I am so freaked about it. Ijust don't want to be here. I have actually been trying to hunt down an old friend who is and has been a crack addict for 15+ years because I know he would be sympathetic and encouraging but he is MIA. he always thought I had the most perfect Dick and Jane life. You guys are probably too young to know who Dick and Jane are! And I have a very supportive husband of 35 years. So part of it is mental but I k now how I felt the other nite and it was real. I appreeciate reading all the threads. They make me feel better. I printed that thread about Suboxone and will re-read it a few times. ********************!


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                              Hi Walck
                              Part of your post made me laugh... there are alot of us old farts on here.LOL
                              Im 48.
                              If you need support,you can get that here,there are alot of people in the same boat as you,we would love to help pull you up...
                              let me know if i can help....


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                                So once I get off, will I still have withdrawal? That part I don't get. I was off for 60 hours and never got through it. How long will the withdrawal be. I thought the whole idea of titrating down to .5mg and staying there for 10 or so days that you could come off with no symptoms. I am a wimp and don't want symptoms. What can I expect. Anyone out there actually off this stuff that can tell me. he wants me at .5 for a week, then every other day and then every 4th day and so on. Will that work and if I have symptoms during this then what? Just live with it? I don't think so. I think I would prefer to take sub forever at .5 then suffer. Am I wrong? is there anyway to do this without withdrawal symptoms? Carol