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My Ibogaine experience to get off Subutex

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  • My Ibogaine experience to get off Subutex

    Hi Folks I wil try to keep this short. Some of you may know I used Ibogaine to get off Subutex and how it worked for me.

    I managed to taper down to 0.1 and then go on morphine and sulpadol for around 3 weeks. From there I did the Ibogaine treatment and I actually enjoyed it. Every hour went by I was noticing symptoms vanishing. It's been about a month since my Ibogaine experience and I must say I am amazed. My practioner said how am feeling is now probably how most people will up to the 1 year mark after stopping Subutex/Suboxone. I saw myself and my childhood which I never thought I would remember. I did not see visions of Africans though but did hear African Music which was soothing. My main aim was to get off Subutex and Ibogaine helped with that.

    If anybody is planning it then please research about it, don't just jump in. Some people with a rough childhood may not enjoy the experience but it does take away withdrawals and PAWS, thats a fact which I proved and many people have. I did not even had to take my small doses because I do not need them. Make sure you get Electro-Cadio /EKG, your practioner may ask for certification of liver and other screen tests. If your struggling to get of Sbutex os is going through withdrawals and PAWS and cannot handle them then look into Ibogaine. Why it's not legal in the States is beyound me, sure not everybody is a candidate but if you want you want to feel good quickly it will help you. It does not cure the addictive personality so be prepared for that. My issue was long term PAWS and withdrawals from Subutex as I was a long term user of Subutex. Am forgetting how life was like on subutex, it feels like a dream. You do not get chills or depression after Ibogaine which Bup is nortrious for.

    So yeah thats what I basically wanted to say. I do not want to talk about my life story because I don't think people really want to know that lol but I do explain what you may experience during treatment. I was scared before too and worried but trust me if your in general good health there is nothing to it. If you truly want to get clean and have the motivation for it then trust me you will do it. If your tapering the Subutex/Suboxone then continue to do so and see how you feel, for my I just did not have the time to go through month and months of symptoms hence why I took the Ibogaine route. The sleep may be an issue but overall am happy, am glad and still pinch myself that am off Subutex..Honstely folks if you have the funds then go for it, why suffer in silence and these terrible methadone and bup withdrawals. It worked for me and am sure as hell it will work for anybody who is really determined, providing they do not have any health issues. People with HIV and Hep c and infmation of the liver have taken Ibogaine, so really its for people who really have big heart dieases who may have to skip this treatment. In the UK its unliencensed but they are predicting by 2013 if will be an authentic treatment. Hopefully in the US and everywhere else it will be legal soon.

    I think it can also work for folks who can't taper the bup but it may not rid all the symptoms, but will give you a leg up. I had to switch to other opiates and to be honest that was a cake walk, but during the last week it did slowly catch up, that shows even at 0.1 of sub there was a lot of sub in my system, thats the thing with this stuff its powerful and if you have been on it for half a decade and over it will get stored in your fatty cells, thats why folks even with a slow taper do not feel well several months later, thats was what was putting me off. Who knows if you just taper slowly you may be fine and not need anything but I never saw anybody after 4-5-6 year use ever say they had it comfortable even with a slow wean. Anyway all am saying it works, it takes off 6 months and over of sub detox time, it truly does. You may need valium to get some sleep after but you know what folks? I did not even want to sleep that I was so happy. Now I can enjoy going to the cinema, socialising with people, making great Love to my Woman lol and basically enjoying family life and life in general. Thankyou Ibogaine.

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    I thank god for all of the positive responses to ibogaine, I am going to start with my recommendations asap./ Just waiting for the days off I requested. So, I will fill all in with my results. I want this so badly I wish I could do it right now and I also thank god for the natural plants that he provides for us that do get ourselves into a pickle with other plants he has provided.