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Really need Suboxone advice from Suboxone experts

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    Originally posted by cheekysod View Post
    i can assure you that surgery on 32mg of subs is not going to be possible...

    you had the best info, you were on a low dose. and you got mad and took far too much. that is why you are feeling ''like you cant function''... i was an iv drug user for over 20 years, on methadone, the lot. and i started subs at 12mg and it was far too high. do you get what im trying to say.

    you screwed YOURSELF OVER. you had the golden chance right here, and you could have got off this muck. but you went and listened to a doctor that will have you HOOKED on an opiate, and you have never even been a drug addict...
    What, I didn't get mad at anything. I went with my docs advice at his urging. i think most people might.

    For Chist sake people. I am only human. If it was a mistake okay. He said it is the presciption many people with severe back pain are taking. He gave me literature that seemed correct. He urged me. My mistake. Why crusify me over it.

    Can't anyone be nicer here??

    Thank you for your advice.

    God bless.
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      Originally posted by Strong Desire View Post
      You know what? I am about the nicest person you will ever meet, but your post pi$$ed me off in ways I never thought possible. You are blaming this forum for YOUR problems! Please stop with the self-pity.

      I was the one that gave you probably the BEST advice you will ever receive.....the link to Robert's taper plan! Did you even click on the link and read the plan???? Robert himself wrote that and if he does come on here, he will probably tell you the same thing as I am right read the link FIRST, and then if you have problems or questions, come back and ASK them, don't give an attitude that YOU are the only person that needs his help right now. He is working with sooooo many the same time, both on this forum and off of it!

      I'm not really sure if he will help you or not, that's up to him. But I could have helped you more than just give you the link, but you come here with the sense that you need help NOW, you demand it, and that's not the way to approach things here. We all want to help anyone we can, but when a person comes on and DEMANDS help, well then it takes on a whole new meaning!

      I'm sorry about your pain, and about your upcoming surgery, I really am, but that's NOT the fault of ANYONE here for cryin out loud! Re-think your position and if you can come back and ask for help in a more thoughtful manner, then I'm quite sure someone wll jump at the chance. Robert just can't get to every person that requests his help, the man has a life too outside of this forum! Think about that please.

      And you think the loss of your job is partly because Robert didn't respond to you???? Are you kidding me??

      I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry to get so upset, it's not like me at all. I again gave you the link to Robert's plan, just read it carefully and you will know everything you need to know after reading it. Maybe Robert will reply, maybe not, but I sure hope he does and sees this request by you. He may not be as kind as I am right now! Have a great day and blessings to you.

      Maybe this is why people say drug users are off there rocker. Hmmm, I didn't feel that way though.

      God Bless


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        Go away, troll...


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          Originally posted by following View Post
          Maybe this is why people say drug users are off there rocker. Hmmm, I didn't feel that way though.

          God Bless
          hey following, guess what...? YOU ARE A DRUG ADDICT...


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            Originally posted by following View Post
            Maybe this is why people say drug users are off there rocker.

            Maybe you don't understand this forum, following. We are not employees of We are not paid, or under contract, nor obligated to do anything here. We are just ordinary people with some knowledge about drugs and drug addiction, who try to help others.

            Robert has devoted an exceptional amount of time here, but that doesn't oblige him to answer any question that anyone asks. Every word that Robert has ever shared here, is available for you to read. In over 15,000 posts, he has answered just about every question known to man about suboxone. You just need to take the time to read his posts. He is not obliged to offer an individual answer to each person asking for his help.

            As far as then casting a wide net saying, "drug users are off there (sic) rocker" - that was completely uncalled for. You provoked and insulted the people who tried to help you, then acted "entitled" to the help you requested. This isn't your doctor's office. We aren't the neighborhood pharmacy. We're people like you - and when someone comes along acting we "owe" them an answer - we'll react. That doesn't make anyone here "off their rocker."

            Acting 'entitled' is going to tick people off.

            I am sure that Robert has never ever advised anyone to take a dosage anywhere near the 32 mg that you're now taking. You did so all on your own. If you had such respect for Robert, you would have paid attention to the endless words he's left all over this forum. Rather, when Robert's answer wasn't hand-delivered to your thread, you went ahead and took an extraordinary high dose of subs - and now blame him??? If 2 mg made you sick - why in the world would you think 32 mg would be better?

            I think you just shot yourself in the foot. It's never wise to insult the people you turn to for help.

            God bless,

            You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.


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              Hey Karen,
              I'm Harry.....and I sure hope someone is around to "Hold MY hand" the next few days, cause My Dr and I are having a VERY hard time getting my Sub Dose Correct it seems......(after seeing Roberts Way) And WILL be on here for the next few weeks and look forward to meeting some of you! (AND, to get this DANG Suboxone Dosage down PAT!!!!!! UGH....I TOTALLY feel like POO from this stuff...and from what Im reading on here I SHOULDNT be! Dr Overdosed me today! I think he about had it right on yesterday.....(1st day) But just needed to do a Supplemental dose later in day....yesterday he started me on 2-2mg Strips for the entire 24hr period, and I was fine til 10PM....then BOOM! Today he got me with 4-2mg Strips and another one at 10pm which had me WHACKED the entire DAY!!!!! So I dont know WHAT he is going to give me today!.......Any Suggestions??????


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                Oh, and they are giving me these 2/.5mg Strips, is it ok to hold these things with your fingers while cutting it with small scissors? Or use a Razor Blade while leaving it in the foil to cut it down to .5???


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                  OMG, ya'll are gonna KILL me for all these questions! But I read and re-read Roberts "Induction" and Im still not clear as to whether we should do one or two doses per day? My 1st day (Monday) he gave me 2-2mg Strips at 2:00pm and they seemed to do fine until around 10PM or so then I started feeling bad again...should this stuff only be dosed ONCE per day or TWICE? ......Sorry if it was there somewhere and Imissed it, i havent sl;ept for 6 days now and cant function or concentrate very well.......HELP!!!!! Getting ready to go to Dr in a lil while and Im gonna tell him 4/2mg Strips should work for me today until I can figger this out!!!! LOL


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                    oh GRREAT....they gave me 8mg/2mg Strips!!! THIS is gonna be a challenge cutting THESE down to .5mg!!!!!! DANG!!!


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             my COWS sheet ready and 1st entry made! ready to begin my "Induction"!...unfortunatly my Dr gave me 8mg/2mg Strips so cutting them back to a .5 is gonna be a ?????, but just gonna "Eyeball" it, its 10:51 am now and my 1st my 1st score is only a 5 and my last dose of .2mg was early this morning at 1:30am (dont ask, LOL) so I gotta let this baby build to around 26....UGH, (been at +30 past 4 days, havent slept in 120 hours...Eaten very probably hit a 26 late this afternoon or so....keep ya posted if ya care...LOL ya KNOW yer gonna wanna watch me SWEAT!!!! UGH!!!!!


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                        i was reading and seen ur request on how to cut the strips.

                        just relax as it's very easy to cut up the right dose.

                        i have used both the pills and the film and i prefer the film myself.
                        it's much easier to cut (in my opinion) into smaller doses over the
                        pills and they seem to dissolve quicker and not taste as bad as the

                        again that's my opinion only.

                        i told another member recently how i cut the film....i use a pair of
                        tweezers to hold the film and then some womens cosmetic scissors
                        to cut it with.

                        the cosmetic scissors are real small and my girlfriend at the time had
                        some. they make it so easy to cut with. larger scissors are out of
                        the question cause u can't see the film very good to cut evenly.

                        hold the film firmly but carefully and just keep cutting it in half until
                        u get to the desired dose.

                        if u cut it 4 times in half u will have 8 pieces of 1 mg each....then
                        cut one of the 1 mg pieces and that would be .50 mg...assuming u
                        have 8 mg film strips.

                        all there is to it...if i can do it so can u!

                        hope i helped u a little bit.


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                          oops...cutting it in half 3 times would give u the 8
                          pieces of 1 mg each.

                          cutting it 4 times in half would give u the 16 pieces
                          of .50 mg each.

                          sorry for the math error.


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                   it all figgered out and laid out and ready! Thanks! Just playing the "waiting game" now building up to 26 or better on the COWS sheet....and aint lookin forward to it!!!!!! UGH


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                              No Prob Kikker! I knew what ya meant! THANKS!!!!!!!!!


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                                hey...i'm confused here a bit Harry.

                                u said that yesterday the doc gave u some subs...
                                which was a total of 4 mg.

                                and today he gave u some more which was 8 mg total...
                                so u had about 12 mg in the last 2 days.

                                and now u are trying to get to a 26 score on the cows
                                sheet. are u trying to reinduct?

                                from what i have read here, and what little i know about
                                subs u may not hit that 26 score for days. the subs bind
                                tight to ur receptors in the brain.

                                and the half life of subs is up to 72 hours. depends on
                                the person everyone the subs u have already
                                taken may prevent u from getting to that score for some
                                time now.

                                i'm really not certain about it.

                                someone that knows lots more than me is gonna have to
                                give u advice on what u should do.

                                i do know that u can take the sub in one dose or two.
                                no more than twice per day is recommended. same dose
                                and same time each day if it's 2 doses.

                                i have only dosed once per day myself. i guess it's up to u.
                                maybe someone will see these posts and answer.

                                best wishes to u Harry...