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Really need Suboxone advice from Suboxone experts

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    Yeah The Doc gave me 2mg @8:00am Mon and I did fine til 10PM or so then started some BAD W/D' Tues he gave me 4mg @8:00am then said another 2mg at 10pm which I heald out til 1:30am this morning....cause the 4mg made me so friggin was like some REALLY bad W/D's....So this morning he wanted me to do 2mg twice a day....8am and 8pm....but I wanna re-induct and try to get that lower......and Yeah Im thinkin it might take awhile now cause I feel pretty good other than Sheer exhaustion from being up the past 140 Hrs!!!! So if I have to I'll wait til I DO get it up to 26 or Better....(UGH again)....and begin the .5 from there......


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      BUT...Im thinking now I may just see how Im feeling and go ahead and do the 2mg at 8PM and then again at 8AM then on and on and see how that does.....what does anyone think???


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        Best I could do with my "Shakes" so bad were 1mg cuts.....MAN, i'm shakin like crazy!!!!


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          if ur doing 2 mg dose twice per day for a total of 4 mg
          daily dose that's not too bad in my opinion.

          that's not a super high amount.

          maybe u should stay there and reduce according to the

          if u try and reinduct it could take a long time to get at
          the 26 score u need. but if u decide to ride it out and
          just continue with the dose ur now on that may be best.

          i just don't want to tell u the wrong way to go...hopefully
          others will give u the way to go with it.

          can u get someone to help u cut the film up? neighbor
          or friend around?

          u shouldn't be shaking too much on subs IF u are taking
          it properly and on the correct dose.

          u should just be feeling as 'normal' as possible on it...

          hang in there as best u can.


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            You hit it on the head! I HAVENT been on the right dose! Remember i said Doc had me do 6mg Yesterday.....4mg in the A.M. and 2 in the P.M. AND I havent been able to sleep for going on 140 hours now......Been in W/D's since Thursday without ANYTHING all weekend!!.I think Im just gonna do 2mg at 8pm and 2 at 8am....and leave it at that.....I gotta get some sleep!
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              I think thats gonna work out ok...cause Ive felt pretty good today, and its going on 3pm, another 2mg at 8pm should take me fine til 8am......we'll see.....Doc also gave me 50mg Trazadone to help me sleep, anyone know of any interactions with Subs???
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                u can go to the top of this page and has a
                drug 'interactions checker' that u can use.

                click on it and put the name of any meds u use in the
                box and it will check and give u the results ur looking for.


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                  Ahhhhhhhhhh How cool is THAT!


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                    well, I'm up to a 24 on the COWS Sheet! WOO HOO! ........UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAN this sucks more than ANYTHING that has EVER sucked before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      TOO Funny....just turned on MASH and B.J. Honeycutt is weening one of his Patients off of Morphine! The kid is Sweatin Bullets, kickin, jerkin, ......oh wait.....thats ME!!!! ACK GAK>>> Man, I gotta recheck this COWS Sheet,....this sure feels worse than a 24....ughhhhhhh


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                        Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Feelin MUCH better! Have a Great Night Everyone! Gonna try to get some well Earned SLEEP!!!!


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                          glad ur feeling better now.
                          hope u get a great nights sleep.

                          post in the morning if possible and let us know how ur feeling.
                          hopefully u get it straightened out soon.

                          u must have hit the 26 score and reinducted...
                          let us know what dose ur now taking.


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                            Good Morning everyone!!! Heyyyyyyyy Kikker! Yup, hit more than 26 (FINALLY) last night and re-inducted...doing 2mg twice a day.....and FINALLY got some Badly needed SLEEP! it didnt come easy, I tossed and turned, and fought the urge to get up a couple of times but the next thing ya know it was 9am and I had slept HARD!!!! Oh Man its a new day, a New Beginning.....Feel SO much Better! Had my 2mg Dose, gonna have a sorely missed cup of mud, and see what the day holds!!!!!


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                              hahaha...cup of mud. lol. funny stuff.

                              so happy u were able to get some sleep.
                              no sleep can drive u crazy i know.
                              hopefully u can keep the sleep process going now.

                              couple of things i have noticed in ur plan...

                              u said u were previously on the 2 mgs twice per day.
                              but u wanted to reinduct and start at .5 mg this time.
                              instead u went right back to the 2 mg dose.
                              so if u did that it is NOT a reinduction...
                              it is just a continuation instead.

                              u do not have to use the cows sheet each time u dose.
                              just keep taking the same dose at the same time each day...
                              that's very important to do.

                              one other thing i have noticed....
                              u are dosing at 8 am and then again at 8 pm.
                              that's perfectly ok to do but....
                              u may want to make ur dose every 8 hrs apart instead of 12 hrs apart.

                              according to what i have read here it seems that most people that dose
                              twice per day seem to do it in the morning when they get up and then
                              again about 8 hrs later.

                              so maybe 8-10 am and then again 4-6 pm.
                              just a suggestion and what i have read here.
                              it's totally up to u what u decide to do.
                              ur way is NOT wrong at all...
                              just giving u another option with it.

                              important thing is to take the same dose at the same time each day.
                              some people say taking the dose too late in the evening keeps them awake.
                              some say say it really doesn't matter...the later the better.
                              find the right time for u to take it.

                              if ur using robert's plan it says to remain on ur current dose for about 4 days
                              and then reduce ur dose by 25% each time.
                              that is not written in stone.
                              u have to make it work for u is all.
                              maybe u have to take 5-7 days between doses....maybe not.

                              listen to ur own body.
                              u will know when it's time to reduce the dose.
                              give it some time on the dose ur on now and then reduce by the 25%.

                              ur doing great now so keep it up.
                              please keep posting ur progress so others can see it and hopefully respond.
                              ur helping many others by posting, including me.

                              i'm tapering myself right now from subs and a little ahead of u.
                              i'll help any way i can but i'm no expert.

                              u can do this Harry...
                              if u WANT IT bad enough!


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                                Well the reason I went right back to the 2mg dose was that I couldnt "cut" them any smaller with my "Shakes" remember??? And I thought back to my 1st day on the subs the Doc started me at the 2mg dose, and I felt great ALL day up until 10pm or so and the W/D's came back....(now keep in mind the Doc told me to only do ONE dose per day in the AM at first..) So considering I couldnt cut them any smaller than 2mg, and remembering that I felt good on 2mg on Monday it seemed like a fair hypothesis to me LOL!
                                And I think you are right about time....I think I DO want to cut those times back a little like you say...maybe 9AM then again at 6PM (I got a good start on that this morning cause I didnt wake up til hour past my Dose time, and I DID have a lil Trouble getting to sleep last night!) So Yup.....9am and 6pm....What times are you taking YOURS Kik? And How much are you taking? Are you following Roberts Plan too you said? Tell me about your experience with Subs and Subsequent to getting on them if you dont sound like you know your Sh** . and I would very much like to hear about your experience with them!
                                And I also want to Thank you for your encouragement, and to EVERYONE on this Forum for taking the time to Document their THoughts, and Experiences with the rest of us....this information very well might have saved MY life, and I am SURE it has saved MANY MANY others!!!!!
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