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Really need Suboxone advice from Suboxone experts

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  • no, i'm certainly no doctor iloerose.
    just a little experience with the subs.
    and book smarts i guess.

    amazing what u can learn by reading this forum.
    robert325 has posted sooo much info here...
    along with many others.

    i have just listened and learned a little...
    and passing it on.

    doing what i can to help another addict.
    paying it forward.

    thank u so much iloerose for the very kind words.
    and same to u.
    ur knowledge is awesome.
    and ur desire to help is amazing!


    • And I think your doing a FINE job with me Kikker!!!! Think I'll start calling you "Coach"! LOL


      • Hey guys,
        something I think about every morning and evening, but never thought to long should you wait before you drink or eat after doing one of these strips? I'm thinking a good 45 mins to an I in the ballpark?


        • Hey Guys,
          I have a Dear Friend who I am begging to join us in here. She is a 10+ year addict on Hydros from a Serious Motorcycle Accident many years ago and is trying to come off the Hydros and is having a REAL hard time! She tried to Cold Turkey it, (Against my Advice) now she is going to try to get Suboxone, which I told her is GREAT if you do NOT let the Doctor Over Dose her, and do it the right way...I sent her Roberts Plan, and I think she has registered but dont know what her screename is yet...I also sent her the link to THIS forum Page cause I really want Kikker and iloerose to meet, and coach you have me.....and we can all do this together! Be on the lookout for her if you would....anyone in here saying they know me is Probably her.....I will find out her screenname as soon as I can....
          Thanks ya'll!
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          • Harry, Kicking a hydro habit with subs is like trying to swat a fly with a sledge hammer. Find out her screen name and have her talk to me. Believe me, hydro is not that bad to detox from. She's just setting herself up for a longer recovery. I, too, had a 10 year hydro habit. I was taking 120mg-130mg. lortab 10 per day. Hydro is probably one of the mildest of the opiates. Not to knock anyone who has gone through this ****. But she can c/t this in 3-5 days. It will take awhile to feel normal again. But usually, if you follow the Thomas Recipe, plus some other advice, c/ting from hydro is like having a bad flu for about a week. After that you start to feel better and better. I'd be real surprised if she could even score a 26 on the COWS. I certainly can coach and support her through the w/d's which of course are not fun, but manageable. I'm going to take a look around the boards for her. No one here, no matter how long they've been here will recommend subs for hydro addicts.

            Hope you are feeling more stable Harry. Real proud of you for seeing this through.




            • I dont think so iloerose...she said she had TRIED! She called me in tears the other day in Baddddddd W/D's ...(now what SHE calls bad and what I call bad may be 2 different things lol....) but she said she just couldnt do it!! I'm trying my best to get her in here with you and Kikker...she said she registered the other day and told me her screename but I forgot it....(i'll look in my deleted emails and see if I can find it)....I dont know if Hydros are the only thing she does...I know thats what she is "Scripted" for, but I know she gets something on the Street too....I assumed it was more Hydros, but it could be Oxy's or anything.....I'll find out more. (just found her screenname in my deleted emails, she said its "Fighting to Live" I dont know HOW it is spelled, (thats exactly how she wrote it in the email) but I suspect its like fighting2live or something like I said I'll find out more and try to get her in here with us/You!
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              • Ok, I texted her and emailed her with the link to our "lil Room" here....I hope she will show up! She may have gone to bed....but be looking for her in the next few hours..if not, I'll get her in here tomorrow for SURE!


                • I'll be looking for her. W/D's are no picnic for any type of drug. You kind of have to be in the mindset to do it and then have ready what you need to do it. If she's taking more than just hydro and off the street, that def. may be a different story. I went through the boards and didn't find anyone new as far as I know. I will be checking back before I go off for the night, but I get up really early, like 3am. I'll keep checking. Oh, how I feel for her.


                  • Oh Thank You SOOOO Much iloerose!!! Your a GEM!!!!


                    • Harry, I found someone under the Thomas Recipe called gottabefree. I also left a message for this person, don't know if it's the same one, to start a thread in "need to talk". I just didn't want to presume it was the same person. This person posted 10-1. That thread isn't used very much except to get the recipe. Will check back.


                      • I don't use subs, untill i joined this forum i had never even heard of them, but i am an opiate addict... i am using a taper method to get clean and i have found that a dose every 12 hours works best with my plan. oxy has a different half life than subs so it might be totally different! good luck and stick to your plan..


                        • Yes I was on Perc's and Oxy's....I do mine at 9am and 6pm....Seems to be working pretty good~ I go back to the Dr tomorrow and anxious to see what HIS plan for me is! I'm sticking with Roberts plan of course, but curious to see what this Dr is going to want me to do...he put me in PW my 2nd day on Subs which scared the Sh** out of me, but then he leveled me off at the 4mg/day...I want to drop my 25% soon, but want to feel completly normal first, everyone is saying I shouldnt be "shaky" at all, but cant seem to "shake" the Shakes! lol...they are not BAD shakes by any stretch, as a matter of fact ya cant even SEE em when I hold my hands out....I more "FEEL" em than a mild "vibrating" inside me...hard to explain, but when I go to cut my strips THEN it becomes pronounced! I dunno....maybe Im imagining things LOL


                          • I dunno if thats her or not iloerose....she said her name was "Fighting 2 live" (dont know how she is spelling it) She hasnt answered my email or anything yet....
                            Originally posted by iloerose View Post
                            Harry, I found someone under the Thomas Recipe called gottabefree. I also left a message for this person, don't know if it's the same one, to start a thread in "need to talk". I just didn't want to presume it was the same person. This person posted 10-1. That thread isn't used very much except to get the recipe. Will check back.


                            • good morning harry and iloerose.
                              hope u both are doing well today.
                              i dropped to .375 yesterday and doing great.

                              i will also be on the lookout for ur friend harry.
                              iloerose said it perfectly about using subs for hydro habits...
                              not much use in doing it.
                              ct is the better route in my opinion.
                              i fully agree with iloerose about it.

                              if she's taking other drugs then that's different.
                              mixing in percs and oxy is a different story.

                              we can get ur friend thru it, or at least try to help her.
                              i will help all that i am able.

                              something occured to me harry about ur shakes.
                              might not be the subs at all.
                              may be the coffee, ur age (no disrespect), or other factors.
                              not sure if u take other meds.
                              could be that or other stuff.

                              u've been on this dose for 5 days.
                              u should be getting stable by now.
                              u said u may be imagining things.
                              might be true to some extent.
                              the mind can play tricks on u at times.

                              just remain very positive about this.
                              and relax.
                              get mad at the drugs for taking over ur life.
                              see what the doc says tomorrow.

                              i know one thing for certain...
                              the more u reduce ur dose, the better u feel
                              everyone seems to say that too.
                              it's very true for me.
                              at higher doses i felt a little bit off before.
                              as the dose got lower it felt much better.
                              so give it some time.

                              think positive thoughts at all times.
                              understand ur doing the right thing.
                              u'll get better harry.
                              i know u will.


                              • Thanks Kikker, I DO think I am feeling as good as I am going too..I am a little fatigued and a little bit shaky but like you said, (and no disrespect taken) I AM 55, and I do smoke, dont get enough exercise etc etc/ that probably IS my "Norm"! God its been SO many years since Ive felt "Normal" I cant remember....Been on the Pills for about 5 years, maybe more....before that Drank like a FISH, Snorted blow, Ate name it...Dont drink at all now, but pound the coffee and cigs! So Yeah, Im probably as "Stable" as I am going to be...I think its time for my 25% reduction dont you? Tomorrow morning is my Dr Appt AND my 1st day back at work...SHould I go ahead and reduce my 25% tomorrow morning? And I think the best I can hope for on Trimming these 8mg strips is cut them in 2mg Strips like I have been doing and "eyeball" .25mg off of each one of those.....what do you think?