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feeling shakey and speedy and heart racing from suboxone :(

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    hey kelbel...this is what we're trying to get u to understand....while the clonidine is making u feel ok right now that may not continue to be the case. u stopped from a dose of 1 mg of sub and that is a fairly high amt to be stopping abruptly.

    while it is possible the clonidine may be all u need to take, i fully believe that is not going to be the case. and if u don't have that subutex on hand ur gonna be having withdrawals from the sub and nothing to take that will make u comfortable. hope u understand that.

    that's why i told u to get the subutex as quick as u can. ur doc agreed that the naloxone in the suboxone was causing u problems like we told u it was. i would definitely call ur doc this morn 1st thing and tell her u believe u'll be needing that subutex. if nothing more than to just have it in case u need it. i assure u it's better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

    the half life of sub (suboxone or subutex) is UP TO 72 hrs or perhaps longer in some people. what that means is it can take up to 3 days or longer to get 1 single dose out of ur system. and if u keep adding to it like u were it keeps building and building in ur system. so u have lots of sub build-up in ur body and that is holding u right now....

    but when that begins to dissipate u are gonna be feeling those withdrawals most likely. and because u stopped at that 1 mg dose ur gonna need to be tapering more slowly than just stopping where u did at that 1mg. hope this all makes sense to u.

    bottom line is for u to get that subutex just in case u need it today or tomorrow. don't get caught without it and have to suffer. up to u of course...just trying to help.


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      Well, its been 72 hrs since no suboxone. I slept okay last nite i guess with the help of clonidine. But i still kept waking up every 4 or 5 hrs and then take a clonodine and go to sleep. Been up since 5am my symptoms r a lot of leg spasms and leg twitching from my muscles. Shakeyness. Last night i was sweating in my sleep. Wld get cold and then like a hot sensation on my skun. So i kept the fan on me. I want to take a vic so bad right niw. But i wont. My dr called this morn and said hes going to get me subutex. I am hoping the pharmacies have it in stock. He said that he hasnt perscribed that in a long time. Just suboxone. But becayse of the naloxone in it...the subutex i pray doesnt make me feel speedy and have those horrible symptims like suboxone did. I have a great bf taking care of my kids and a exhusband that dosnt help at all with the kids. He rarely comes around. I thankgod fir my bf. He dropped my kids off at school the past two mornings. Will subtext make me mire tired since it has no naloxone speedy effects in it?


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        be very careful with that clonidine girl. it's a blood pressure med and it works very quickly and also leaves ur system quickly so it makes u want to take more. ur pressure could drop too low and that will make u shaky and can cause dizziness and other problems. don't take more than ur doc told u too.

        u need to get that subutex like we told u. some pharmacies might not have it in stock. if urs don't by chance i would go to another 1 that does have it. ur gonna be needing it.

        can't believe u want to take a vic right now. that is NOT the way to go i promise u. u know where that road leads right? stay away from that garbage and get urself clean once and for all.

        glad u have ur bf there with u. sounds like a good guy and is really helping u out right now. kudo's to him.

        the reason u were sweaty along with chills last night was because of sub withdrawals most likely. one more time u dropped from a fairly high dose of 1 mg and that is NOT what u need to do. u need to get that subutex and begin to taper very slowly from it....

        that will help ur symptoms so much. ur still gonna be having some symptoms because u have to remember ur tapering off drugs and they don't want u to stop taking them. the drugs will do everything possible to keep u addicted to them and make u want to take more. so ignore those symptoms as best u can and get back to business.

        so get ur subutex and get back here and post. we'll get u going and set up ur taper process. follow that plan u have read. u were on a dose of .5 mg twice per day before with the suboxone. i suggest u go right back to that and see if the subutex makes a diff and u feel much better on it. i bet u will find it works lots better for u kelbel.

        then we will taper u by 25% of that dose in a few days if ur stable and feeling good. that would mean ur new dose in a few days would be .75 mg and u need to switch to taking that only ONE TIME a day from then on. then u'll get stable on that dose for a few days and reduce again and so on.

        if u work with us we'll work with u. take care and let us know when u have the subutex.


        p.s. i get the feeling u want to just continue to keep taking the clonidine and NOT take any more of any kind of sub. am i correct? because u now have the 72 hrs off of it u can certainly do that if that is what u are thinking.

        just know that u are gonna continue to have withdrawal symptoms if u do it that way. and if u take too much of that clonidine and too often u are in for trouble of some sorts. if u are considering doing that u need to let ur doctor know and do what he/she suggests from this point on. i don't want to be responsible for any of that. hope u understand my concerns.


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          The dr is working on getting me subtex for two or three days. Im in a small town. I hope they have it. Shld b getting a call by lunch time. Well its beenover 72 hrs since i took suboxone. And i didnt sleep great. But idk if i feel better today or not. Is it all in my head...cuz i want so bad to reach for a vic buti know i have to b strong. I feel week and cold. I have my feet running under the bath as i sit on the toilet being cold a part of withdrawl. Plus im wondering if i shld use the apt jacuzzi. I just feel blah. And restless legs kinda. A lil shakey. Maybe its in my head. Depression too.


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            Ok.. I don't know whether to cry or be happy. the doctor said there's no subtext here in town yet till tomorrow. he said since I'm doing good already on the klonodine he wants me not to use the subtext since I'm already 72 hours over the subs. he said to continue taking clonidine and klonapin.... and she said it should be almost over then.. he did say though if I get worse for some reason they will order or be order the subtext for me. I'm still just so emotional right now I want to reach for that vic so bad I want to feel good


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              hi guys... here's another update. you guys might frown upon this but when you read the whole thing to the end you might smile I hope. when I first got on suboxin it costed me almost 300 dollars. also the subtext is going to be outrageous. I don't have a job right now since I was suffering from a vitamin B 12 deficiency a couple months ago forced me to quit my job. now I get shots every 2 weeks and I am so much better. the only insurance I have is government assisted insurance. the 2 doctors here in town that are supposed to prescribe subs that are under government assisted insurance no longer are in this town... go figure. 1 of them went to go work for a psychiatric hospital and the other 1 moved all the way to Lake Havasu. so now everyone in town has to go to a psychiatrist and pay out of pocket if they want to get opiate help. and this is really sad because there's a lot of addiction in this town. since I was on such a low dose of vykadin and I should have just followed my doctors first advice of weaning off to vykadin I think I never would have been through all this agony. his second advice then was to go on suboxin. so I chose suboxin since my boyfriend paid for it out of pocket and I knew that it works for me in January with no problems. I have to small children.. a6 year old and a9 year old. they are such good boys I want to be clean for them. so my psychiatrist that I pay out of pocket for who perscribes subs that everyone has to pay out of pocket for is going to slowly wean me off of the vykadin. I never intended to take more vykadin then I wanted or needed. but in March I went through a divorce a nasty divorce and of course I thought I'll take some more vykadin. New Years ago I had a scoliosis back surgery I have a 2 foot rod in my spine. that is what landed me on the pain killers in the first place. if I would just up to my normal 1 vykadin in the morning and 1 vykadin at night I would have been fine. I should have just stuck it out went to church going to counseling instead of popping vitamins when I was distressed during my divorce. and that is what has lead to all of this. so we are going to use a combination of clonidine and klonapin as needed while I am Cape ring from vykadin.

              if I still had the insurance regular health insurance I wouldn't have had to pay for the subtext. I wish you both knew my whole story but it would be a novel and you'd probably be sitting there scratching your head lol. I hope you both aren't mad and continue to support me through this..


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                also sorry for the misspelling of any words I use talk to text because on my phone because I touch the letters there too sensitive and screw word up even more lol. so just so you guys know I do know how to spell haha....


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                  i'm not smiling 1 bit. u want to use the vicodin more than u want to be clean it seems. u've mentioned in ur last 2 posts that u wished u could take a vicodin and it seems like u already have taken some.

                  come back when ur really ready to end the craziness and get ur life in order. i'm sure someone will be here to help u. i'm not judging u at all, but it was clear from the beginning that u just weren't ready to commit.

                  the vicodin won this time...maybe u can win the game next time...


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                    I don't know what to do right now I'm just sitting here shaking my head. maybe God's testing me I don't know I'm just really upset right now. and I'm even more upset that the suboxin did not work for me. and I just want you all to know that I don't have an addictive personality I never did pot for did any drugs... just a vykadin. still don't know what to do.


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                      I'm not smiling either, kelbel. are you telling me that your doc put you on klonipin, clonidine, and is now going to taper xanax? I asked you earlier what your symptoms were and if those symptoms were tolerable. Since you are not working right now is your boyfriend able to help you out? You do NOT need to go back on the vicodin. Don't tell me you don't have an addictive personality: when you turn to drugs to cope with life and cannot stop that is addiction. This morning you sounded like you were coping fine with the w/d symptoms. I really doubted that you would even need the subutex, just have it around in case. Seriously, we can't help you unless you want off. You have to want this more than anything. Going back to vicodin and then trying to taper most likely isn't going to work. It's totally up to you what you want to do.



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                        I havent even taken a vicodine. And yes i am ready to be done with this all. I just want it alll to go away. I want the subtext. Plz dont get me wrong. I am doing my best now with just the clonodine. Plz syat with me. I want this baaaaaaaaad. Everyone i know is broke. Subs are expensive iut of pocket. And yes i was feelin beyter with the clonnodine. But latrr today i started feeling worse. I never said i took a vic. Plz stay and help me. I want thiis. But i cant do it without u be angry at my dr plz dont b angry with me i have done nuthing wrong. No vics i swear !! I need u guys..plzzz


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                          Rose i want to know that i start My subtext tomarro because thats wen the pharmacy will have it. I called my dr back and told him i want too do the subtext route. My boyfriend is willing to pay for it. I hope u read this and i hope ur proud of me


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                            Kikkker i want u to kno that my bf is going to pay for the subtext. I called my dr and told him i want to go that route instead. The pharmacy will have it tomarrow for me.


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                              Kikkker i want u to kno that my bf is going to pay for the subtext. I called my dr and told him i want to go that route instead. The pharmacy will have it tomarrow for me.


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                                Originally posted by kelbel123 View Post
                                Kikkker i want u to know that my bf is going to pay for the subtext. I called my dr and told him i want to go that route instead. The pharmacy will have it tomorrow for me.
                                post back tomorrow when u have the subutex and we'll go from there. just like iloerose has said....ur an addict ans u are addicted to vicodin. u really have to WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! PERIOD!

                                get rid of all the vicodin in ur possession if ur truly serious about this.....flush it all now.

                                sure the subs are expensive....but what kind of price tag do u place on ur life???

                                talk to u tomorrow.