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feeling shakey and speedy and heart racing from suboxone :(

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  • feeling shakey and speedy and heart racing from suboxone :(

    Hi everyone, i am new here. I read the threads all the time and decided to join in and that maybe someone can help me. I .have been on suboxone film for 18 days now. I was taking .5 mg of sub 1 time in the am and 1 time in the pm. My dr said i could.stop sub now if i wanted. Last night i didnt take my sub. It was too hard. So when i woke up at 6am i took 1mg. A couple hrs later, i feel all speedy with anxiety and heart pounding. I hate this feeling. Is this nrmal?? And when will it go away? I was abusing hydrocodones about 3 to 6 a day for a yr.

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    hello and welcome. i will give u the link to the sub therapy plan is that is followed here by most people. basically u reduce ur current dose by 25%. get stable on that dose for 4-7 days or so and reduce again until u are down to a dose of .25 mg or below.

    here's the plan link....

    u always want to be reducing...not going up in dose. that defeats the entire purpose and can lead very quickly to addiction.

    sub is very powerful and 1 single dose lasts a very long time due to the half life being so long. it can be up to 72 hrs or so in some cases. a little bit goes a very long way.

    the idea is to get stable and then begin reducing. don't reduce if ur not stable and feeling good. u'll have problems as u reduce each dose then.

    take the same amt at the same time each day. that keeps a steady flow of sub in ur system at all times.

    read that plan carefully especially that taper section. it lays it all out for u and is easy to understand. if u have questions just post and someone will get back with u.

    glad u made the decision to join...u've come to the right place.


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      another thing... u definitely didn't need the sub for ur hydro habit. i'm not trying to downplay ur abuse, but ur addiction was very low for u to be needing the subs.

      u could have just went cold turkey and been finished in about 5-7 days or so. it's going to take longer to slowly reduce ur sub dose.

      that's the secret to sub use....reduce ur dose very slowly to deter symptoms. no matter what u do the symptoms are still going to be there at some level, but if u go slow with the subs ur symptoms will be minimal.


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        Oh thank you so much !!!!! Now im mad that my dr put me on sub in the first place :/ especially if i didnt need it. Ok, so i will definetly follow the plan you gave me also tonight should i go back down to my regular .5 dosage at nite since i screwed everything up by taking a larger dose this morning?


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          u already took the 1 mg for today so i wouldn't take more until tomorrow. then go right back to ur 2 separate doses of .5 mg each. take 1 -.5 in the am around 8-10 and the other .5 mg dose in the afternoon around 4-6 pm.

          remain on that dose for a cpl more days and reduce it by 25%. that would make ur new dose .75 mg. u want to begin taking that dose just ONE TIME a day.

          remain on that dose for 4 days or so and reduce again by 25%....just like the plan reads. when u get down to about .25 mg i'll get with u and let u know what to do then. the plan tells u anyway but i should be around here. there are others here also that know what their talking about and can also help u.

          be proud of urself for wanting to get off of it. being completely clean is the best feeling in the world.

          ur doing great!


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            Welcome, Kelbel! Do what Kikker says to the tee and you'll be all right. If you do what Kikker says, you'll be off this stuff before you know it! I was a vike addict myself. I can't believe how docs put you on subs for a vike habit, but well if you're mad it will help your natural endorphines get going again. If you need anything POST. Any questions, and I mean any, POST. We'll be keeping an eye out for you




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              Im feeling the same as yesterday. Is it possible that my little cut up pices of film .5 cld lose their potency? I still feel like im in with drawl. Shaking like a leaf, scared. I try to keep them sealed tight in ther pakage with a rubber band around it. Im shaking and going crazy cld it b possible the dosehashas lost its potency after a week?....ry guys for all ur suport. Sorry for the shakey hands.


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                Originally posted by kelbel123 View Post
                Im feeling the same as yesterday. Is it possible that my little cut up pices of film .5 cld lose their potency? I still feel like im in with drawl. Shaking like a leaf, scared. I try to keep them sealed tight in ther pakage with a rubber band around it. Im shaking and going crazy cld it b possible the dosehashas lost its potency after a week?....ry guys for all ur suport. Sorry for the shakey hands.
                no, they do not and will not lose their effectivness...

                u went back today to .5 mg in the am and .5 mg in the pm. is that correct?

                have u taken ur pm dose of .5 mg as of yet?

                if u have and are still feeling rough then it's ok to go ahead and take another sliver of sub. a 'sliver' means a small piece of .25 mg. don't take any more than that.

                post back and let me know what u've taken today pls.

                don't be's gonna be ok. sounds like u just need a little more sub to pull u out of it.


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                  No i havent taken my regular doasage yet since its only going on 3:30 here. I was gonna wait till 6 like u mentioned yesterday. Should i go ahead and take my regular pm dosage now? Also i took my morning dosage at 6am tday like i usually do..
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                    Also i have the 2mg pills to break up and i prefere thoses. Wld it be ok to go back to them? Are the strip more potent then the pills? Im such a hypochondriac right now. Just want ti feel normal. Im a single mother with two small kids and a school function tonight. Ty again for all your support. I live in an area where theres not very much support and my fam and friends are all back in cali. Hope its ok to take the pill form instead. I will wait to take anything untill i hear back from you kikker.


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                      yes, go ahead and take ur evening dose now. that should make u feel lots better. u can use the pills or the film. makes no diff if u mix and/or match. won't change anything.

                      let me know in an hr or so after u dose how ur feeling. like i said that dose should pull u out of it.

                      just relax ok...everything will be just fine. u are on a very small dose and it will be fairly easy to get u stable and off those subs quickly. we'll taper u down slowly and ur symptoms will be very minor.

                      get back with me in that hr or so. i'll check on u later.


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                        Ty kikker i will go ahead and take my doss now. Promise to let u know in an hr how im doing


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                          Ok i took my .5 an hr aho and i feel a lil wierd. Is it because i didnt wait rill my usual bedtime? Also i dont know if its anxiety or not but im just hoping that i dont have a speedy reaction like i did today. Is it too early to expect anything right now? My legskeep having muscle spasms. But not painful ones. I really wish this dr did nit put me on sub. Do u know y the past cple days wen i wld take my sub i felt speedy?? Is it a side effect?


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                            i want to make CERTAIN we're on the same page. u took .5 mg this morning and another .5 mg an hr or so ago. is that right?

                            and the .5 is 1/2 of 1 (one) mg right?

                            i'm just making sure that u aren't meaning u took 5 (five) mg instead of .50 mg. that is a HUGE diff in dosage. let me know right away to make sure what ur taking. i want to be absolutely certain of the dose ur taking.

                            sub is extremely strong and powerful. a tiny bit goes a long way and lasts a long time due to the half life of it. ur habit was very very low. taking 3-6 hydro's a day for a yr is a very low amt. i'm not saying it doesn't matter cause it certainly does...addiction is addiction no matter what the dose.

                            ur doc was wrong to put u on the subs for the amt u were taking of the hydro's. can't help that now we just need to fix it....and we will.

                            because of the low dosage of ur hydro's i'm guessing ur very sensative to the subs. the strength of them is making u feel the way u are right now. to check it out and hopefully make it better we lower ur dose and see.

                            but before we do that post back and let me know the dose ur taking if it's really .50 mg or 5 mg. i'll be here for a bit.

                            just relax if u can ok. we will get u to feeling better soon.
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                              Ok im taking .50mg not 5mg. And i took it at 4:30pm tinight and now its 8pm. I started feeling wierd right after i took it. Idk y this happens every time. I havent touched a hydro odone in 20 days. A cple hrs ltr i feel speedy anxiou, heart pounding, shaky and trembling. Kinda like a withdrawl feeling. I just dont understand. u think im very sensitive to suboxone? I dont know what to do. I have to take 2 mg xanax to calm me down. Plus i have lomotil for my ibs diareah problems that ive had for years. Dr also gave me clonodine fir the night i went cold turkey off of hydro before i started the sub. But the xanax seems to calm it diwn.. Im desperate. Its been 20 days of feeling off and on like this. I am so greatful for all u...since i cant talk to my dr every 5 mins lol.