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Taking suboxone properly

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  • Taking suboxone properly

    I've been reading about a lot of people at some point or another having problems with 'boxes. My former doctor was responsible for training doctors all over the US in prescribing subs. I will share what he told me in the hopes it can help others from having problems. This may seem basic, but i'm always amazed that many people aren't aware of how to take them correctly.

    If you are taking strips, you must hold the strip in your mouth for AT LEAST 15 MINUTES. Do not swallow in that time, hold your spit. The strip must be placed UNDER the tongue, as close to the base of the tongue (back of mouth) as possible, either on the left or right side. Don't talk, eat, drink, or smoke during the 15 min. Use a clock or stopwatch to time it. When time is up, swallow. It helps to go somewhere where you can be alone for the 15 min or how ever long it takes.

    If you are taking pills instead of strips, the time is 30 minutes. I know it seems like a crazy long time to not swallow, but it's essential. This is why I prefer the strips to the pills.

    I know most people here are on way less than an entire 8mg strip or pill. The procedure is the same tho, you have to give it time to dissolve. It won't need 15 min, but at the very least give it 8 to 10 minutes. That way you will be getting the most out of the medicine. And if its a pill, giving it more time (at least 10 minutes), is especially important. Even if you think your dose is tiny. Even if you feel it already dissolved within 2-3 minutes. I cannot stress enough that you have to hold it in your mouth without swallowing.

    I'm no expert by any means, and i welcome any comments or criticisms. I just hope this might help people who may be having issues with their dose. You will probably find that you get more out of what you take this way than by swallowing it too quickly.

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    Ive been doing it for 10 minutes and meant to ask my doctor. Can't hurt doing it for 15 though ill try and see.


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      Found it. Thx


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        How ya doing? Are you down below 1mg yet?
        Try to be strong, when you feel really bad and want to take more try to hold out.

        You will get there soon.