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    Question: FYI this is not about being vain. I've noticed the past week that nothing seems to fit and my hands and face seemed swollen so I got on the scale, 10 pounds! I have been on Suboxone for 3 weeks and all but 3 days of it I have been tapering. Ten pounds on me means tons more pain in my back and knees. I wonder how much of the aches I have are because of the extra weight. I looked it up and apparently its not uncommon to gain up to 30 pounds in 1 month on SUB without changing your diet. I am a vegetarian, do you know how hard it is to gain weight?! The question is and please no one jump down my throat, what if the taper was shorter? Let's say in another 3 weeks my body tacks on another 10 pounds, the pain I would be in would be horrible. Has anyone done a shorter taper and been okay?


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      A faster taper means the chance of more w/d symptoms. Most of the fast tapers that I've seen involve w/d symptoms, perhaps not at severe as not taking sub. About your weight gain, could it be that you are retaining fluids because of the sub? Go on some of the other threads and ask about this. Check with Iwantoff, SS, Ken. I'm not sure, but perhaps the weight gain will ease up when you get to lower doses. You can try to go to three days between drops, but the w/d may get worse as you go lower. Are you getting exercise? I'm going to let Alex answer this.


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        I do think probably half of it is inflammation. I'm changing a couple things in my diet till I off Sub. :-)


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          Hi Amy,

          Ive heard of some pople gaining weight while on subs. Not substantial amounts though. Being that you are tapering and your dose will continue to go down. I wouldnt worry too much about it. I wouldnt suggest trying to do a faster taper, as your just setting yourself up to experience more WD symptoms. I echo Roses question, are you excercizing? that would be your best combatant to any weight gain right now.


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            I googled Suboxone and weight gain and found some reports of others saying the same thing -- they gained weight too. I would get as much exercise as possible and eat healthy. No processed foods, avoid sugar, drink lots of water, etc.

            I agree with Rose and Whats -- a rapid taper will only cause unnecessary WD symptoms and may backfire.

            Stick to the taper!


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              Hi all, yes I exercise ,I walk on my treadmill and do Pilate's and yoga. I eat only organically with no processed food unless we are out to dinner you can't be sure. I generally don't take medications that aren't holistic, as this is my field of practice, the pain medicine however was a necessary evil due to the severity of my back pain. I consulted with others in my field and we've concluded I will stay the slow taper due to the finding of several swollen lymph nodes due to the release of toxins from stopping pain meds and Suboxone.
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                It's great that you had two very good people weighing in here, What's and Kat. I wish I had your knowledge about holistic practice and the use of herbs and natural substances. Glad you decided to stick with the slower taper, I think it will be beneficial in the end because you will be letting the toxins slowly release from your body.
                Wishing you a good evening.




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                  Amy I just saw this now. I forgot to sign off like I do sometimes and it appears I am on the forums when im not even home. I see you consulted with others in your field and are sticking with your taper. Glad you made a decision because I would have been scared to advise you to try a quicker taper for fear of it backfiring on you and making things worse for you. Hopefully as you reduce the subs your taking the problem will ease up for you. Best of luck and talk to you later.



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                    Thanks everyone, Alex your in high demand LOL. Rose you are sweet you can learn about natural medicine anytime on your own if you just want a bit of knowledge or schooling for more. I am a spiritual person but not nuts LOL but God really did give us everything we need with nature. It still blows me away, I call herbs and diet Gods Pharmacy. Back on subject, I have such crazy pain in my back and knees so I get scared to even gain 2 pounds so the thought of 10-20 is omg. My lymph nodes are swollen and now I have a rash on my chest and neck, fun times. So my body is really detoxing. Even if I could taper faster now I wouldnt, who know what I'll have next. :-)blessing
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                      Hello Amy , Ken Here .

                      I wanted to drop in and wish you the best with your taper . You have some really great people here posting on your thread and advising you . I will share a tad about my case in hopes you may pick up some small bit to help you with this . Please understand I am not trying to step on any toes here and only have my limited experience to share . With that said reading your story reminds me of myself in the fact of the injuries and healing process for your spine . Which I wish you the best with from one pain sufferer to another . Since the decision to get free I ramped up my exercise in a huge way . I can not move on my feet like I used to so not only exercise but also very deep stretching + breathing helps keep the pain on the lower scale . Though it hurts to do it , it helps keep me limber and with less pain threw the day . I see you mention Yoga so that probably is covered . I am dating a PT so She has a lot to do with helping this also . Which brings up another thing that you are probably aware of but only trying to help in any way ... She gives me rubdowns about weekly and in doing so she found several knots that She stated may be muscle tension or some buildup of toxins . She can and will rub them out but always stated how important it is to flush them out once they are back in circulation via large amounts of water . You are probably aware of these things but I only hope to help in some small way .

                      Wishing you the best with the taper and your pain .



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                        Awwww Ken you are very sweet. Its a good feeling to know i was blessed with great people to guide me and I appreciate everyone help. Ken yes I know those things but it is really good to be reminded. People who help other people heal often forget they need to take care of themselves too. I am so happy you commented because I didn't think to go get a massage and some reflexology w/aromatherapy to help move the toxins out. I know your girlfriend has most likely said this every time but I'll put it out there in case anyone reading doesn't know...after a massage you need to drink lots of water. As Ken mentioned a massage will get your blood circulating and the toxins will rapidly release into the blood >>>>>>. Drinking water helps to ensure the toxins leave your body and not settle back down in the soft tissue again. Thank you again Ken. :-)


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                          Alex and Rose this is what I have for dosage I know you said in most cases you round up, LOL. I seem to have dropped the tiny bits so I am always as a quarter mark as this makes cutting the strips easier. FYI I cut the strips the way Harry showed but I did squares the whole way the triangles are not always accurate. When I'm able to post a picture I will its exactly the same dosage. It just made more sense but people should watch Harry anyway for that awesome laugh :-) Here is what ive calculated, please let me know if I should change anything; the amount dropped is miniscule. Okay I'm starting 5mg in the morning so its
                          .30 or .25 take a day skip a day dose a day skip 2 days dose a day skip 3 days dose a day done. Thank you so much, Amy


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                            Great advice Amy, after I'm done with the taper a message would be a nice healthy reward.




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                              Hope you are well today. Just wanted to comment on your taper schedule. It's very important to always round UP so you'll have the least amount of WD symptoms as possible.

                              My stupid old calculator took a dump halfway through my calculations, but this is how you should proceed:

                              5 mg
                              1.25 (my calculator died! LoL..)

                              Don't worry about your future drops, though. Focus on getting stable and taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. As long as you follow the taper plan, you will do just fine!

                              Have a good day.


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                                Lincoln I hope your feeling well on your taper as well. Definitely get a massage. If you can find a Neural Muscular Therapist (NMT) after or even during the taper it would help you feel better and improve your over all health. The difference between a massage and a NMT massage is a NMT balances the central nervous system - brain, spinal column and nerves. During that type of massage you will generally not feel relaxed and the therapist may ask you questions as she moves from one area to the next. The NMT will apply more pressure to the areas of concern, it will be a deeper massage and even a bit painful when necessary. Its all worth every second you endure for the health benefits you'll receive. I'm not putting down the relaxation massage at all they are heaven but getting a NMT massage will give the most benefits for whole body health. Take care Amy