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Question about urine testing

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  • Question about urine testing

    I'm in a Suboxone program where I'm required to do monthly urine testing in front of what they call a urine processor. I've recently found out that this is illegal as this processor (a MALE!!!!) is actually employed by the lab and not the doctor. He's rude and I'm actually uncomfortable "going" in front of a male.

    My questions are: 1. Is it legal for a male to watch a female? And 2. Is it legal for them to even have a urine processor in PA? I was told by a few friends that it's definitely not legal due to kickback laws.



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    Wow. While I'm not sure about the legalities, it would seem that the law would at least require that a female monitor females. How awkward! Have you asked the doc about this?


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      Yeah any time you have to give an observed UA, it's supposed to be observed by someone of the same gender. I would call ahead of time to let them know you're uncomfortable with it, so they can arrange for a same sex observer. If they give you any >>>> about it, contact their accrediting agency and file a complaint.

      I'm not sure of your state's laws, but I'm sure they're somewhere out there in cyberspace if you have the patience to look. I think the accrediting agency would know the answer to this as well. Maybe call the univ or office and first ask for the name and number of their accrediting agency, and then tell them you are uncomfortable being observed giving a UA in front of someone of the opposite sex, and then ask them to arrange for someone else if they don't go ahead and offer that. That way they'll hopefully take you seriously since they know you know about their accrediters.


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        *Sorry I meant clinic not univ. Stupid phone!