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27 year old female, pregnant, suboxone detox

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  • 27 year old female, pregnant, suboxone detox

    Hi everyone I've been reading this forum on and off for a long time! Here's my story... I've never been addicted to opiates, I've dabbled in them recreationally during the past 6 years, but never developed an addiction. I've always considered myself strong enough to not become an addict. WRONG! I'm 27 years old, blonde, pretty, college graduate, have a full-time job. Nobody would ever guess I'm an addict. My sister was an opiate addict and got on suboxone, that's where I first tried it. I'd snort it. An hour later I'd be puking my guts up but I'd do it anyway. That was several years ago and I was only doing it recreationally then. My boyfriend of 7 years and father of our child struggled with OxyContin addiction the first year after our son was born (2007-08), but over came it on his own. Eventually, I can't even remember how he came to find a suboxone connect, but he did and started doing that since we had some experience with it. I started doing Sub everyday about 10 months ago. Idk how much I was doing bc I snort bumps off an 8 mg pill. That's probably super dangerous, but I'm just telling the truth. I haven't seen a lot of people talk about blowing sub, that's why I'm putting my story out there. Finally got to where I was doing a line first thing in the morn, on my lunch break, and several lines of varying sizes after work. Did I mention I'm a social worker? Horrible I know. Anyways, just found out the day before Thanksgiving that I'm pregnant with baby #2. I know I need to switch to subutex, I know withdrawals can cause a miscarriage, I know I need to tell my OB. But I can't risk losing my job, if I get a child welfare case opened up against me, boom I'm gone. Let go. I can't afford that. Anyways, at this point I've made my mind up to get off this stuff on my own and pray for a hedge of protection around this baby that I don't miscarry. I'm sure many of you will say I'm selfish for doing it this way, but I'm
    stubborn and this is the way it's gonna be. Last week, I did a tiny bump on Christmas to get thru the day and didn't do another bump the next two days. I felt like >>>>, no energy, no sleep, horrible gastric reflux/stomach burn. Omg you guys, the no sleep liked to drive me mad. I was off work the week of Christmas so I only did that one bump on Christmas and another tiny one 2 days later. I didn't do any more until last night 12/30, I did a tiny bump (if you can even call it that) of sub dust, DUST, bc I needed sleep. I slept like a baby, Hallelujah! Yes I could get ahold of Xanax, Valium, whatever to help sleep, but being pregnant and already doing something that could be harmful to baby, well duh I'm not gonna add to that. I tried melatonin one night and got maybe a solid 1.5 hours. The worst thing for me is the no sleep. I feel like if I had something to take that really helped me sleep, I wouldnt crave any sub. Im over it. I don't wanna do it anymore, I want to be a good mom. What can I take to sleep that's safe for pregnancy?? I work an 8-5 job and have a 6 year old, I need sleep. Thanks for anyone who responds. I know I'll probably get some negative feedback, that's ok I can deal love and hugs to anyone else going through this xoxo
    P.S. I've read Robert's plan and tried to follow that, kind of. Since I blow lines I can't really calculate how much to do and reduce by. Like I said the last couple times I did a bump, I wouldn't even call it that. It was some sub dust I scraped off so I imagine it's a very low dose.

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    I'm sorry you're going through this.

    Have you tried Valerian for sleeping? Give it a try! It usually knocks me out.

    More members will be along to help you with the pregnancy issue. Happy New Year!


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      I just replied to your other post about this. Just wanted to mention it here in case you didn't check there.


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        Handing out advice on a message board to someone who is pregnant is really scary. I really think the BEST thing you can do for you and your baby is to talk to your doctor. If not your doctor then maybe find an OB who specializes in high risk pregnancies. I thought that HIPPA rules prohibit docs from reporting things like this. I may be mistaken but I thought the only time they could report you is if you are a danger to yourself or others. In this case you would be asking for help so I don't think you need to worry about work finding out.

        This is a really critical time for your baby's development and I don't think any of us are qualified to give you advice on what you can take for sleep. It would be a different story if it was just you, but there's a baby involved and I just don't feel comfortable recommending anything.

        An OB with experience in high risk pregnancy's could absolutely help you. There is a girl on the Need to Talk board going through a high risk pregnancy, you may want to read her thread. "Pregnant and on Oxyneo" (I think?) her user name is Dreamingfree. I know it's scary and you probably think you're the only one with this problem, but I would bet you're not. I'm sure the doc's have seen it all and they can help make this is a comfortable & safe pregnancy for you. Once you have the baby you can address your own addiction issues. Right now you need to focus on the baby, going through withdrawals could harm your baby.

        No negative feedback here, just concern.


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          I've decided to make a call tomorrow and get into a dr to get on subutex. Someone made a good point that at least on subutex it'll be from the dr and not off the street, in case I were ever drug tested. I still plan to taper off of it the correct way (not snorting it), but this way I won't feel like I'm
          Hurting the baby. Thank you everyone for your kind words and concerns. Xoxo!


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            I'm so glad to hear you're going to contact a doctor. I think it's the safest thing you can do both legally for yourself, and physically for you and your baby. I bet it will take so much stress off of you, and that will be a great thing. Then you will be free to enjoy your pregnancy (and hopefully work on your addiction issues), without having to be in withdrawal and/or preoccupied with subs.

            This is a great decision you're making for your self and your family. I hope you keep us updated with how it's going. And of course you will get lots of Leo and support with your taper here.