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how to detox with only 32mg sub

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  • how to detox with only 32mg sub

    Was on methadone for years and then on sub for a year, then 20mg methadone for a month and now i am trying to detox With subs.

    I read to go on another opiate for a month to allow the subs to get off my receptors.

    But i only have 32mg of subs to detox with which is not enough for Roberts tapering plan.

    Idk what to do,.. I am taking 2.5mg of subs for two days now.

    Thank you

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    Hi Irene,

    Good to see you moved your thread here. I don't know anything about methadone, sorry. But other members will be along soon to help out.



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      Eyegeen if you follow the taper you can get below 1 mg a day. If you can get your hands on another 8 mg strip in the meantime you might be able to taper off at a fairly low dose. Is there anyway in the next month you could get an extra 8 mg strip and if possible 2 more. I would get you really low and with 2 you would have added security to be able to stretch it out some if needed. Best wishes to you.



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        I have 29mg left and im down to 1.5mg a day. I may be able to get one more
        that a Friend has but very unlikely ill be able to get anymore than that.
        Today is day two of being on 1.5mg

        Its not enough to lower by 25% every 4 days but is enough to lower by 0.25mg every 4 days, which is more drastic and will lower my likelihood of suceeding



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          Sorry, I think I misunderstood your post when you said something about "going on another opiate to get the sub off your receptors". Like Alex said, get the extra strip, and more if at all possible.

          We can help you wean down. It may not be exactly as Robert's taper plan but it's better than cold turkey.

          I wish you the best. Keep posting!