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Encouragement for those looking to get off Suboxone

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  • Encouragement for those looking to get off Suboxone

    I just wanted to post some encouraging words for those looking to stop Suboxone. I am on Day 7 of being Suboxone free and I read a lot of threads over the last month, many which were discouraging. I, like many others, was very anxious about facing the withdrawals from Suboxone. I have been on subs for three years and have come to terms with the fact that I never should have started. I had a pill addiction but very mild in my opinion compared to what I have read from other people. I had back surgery and was put on Percocet/ Norco's to deal with the sciatica and I had a very ignorant doctor who gave me 180 pills of each a month. It didn't take me long to become physically addicted to the meds, I never took the pills in any way other than swallowing them but never the less I became hooked- instead of needing one to four pills a day I eventually needed ten and when I tried to stop I couldn't. I was young and didn't do any research on withdrawals so I let a friend talk me into Suboxone. Of course it immediately stopped the withdrawal from opiates and I felt great not having to worry about running out of pills or looking for a new doctor to prescribe pills, so I was sold. Anyway to make a long story short I was on 8mg for a year before I started to get frustrated with my Suboxone doctor. When I asked to lower the dose he said I should consider just staying where I was because I didn't want to jump too quick and start using again. Of course I listened and there went another year of my life on Suboxone.

    I eventually moved and found a new doctor who agreed that I should be weened off. Within a year I went down to 2 mg a day, then when I started on the 2 mg strips I went down to 1mg on my own but did not tell my doctor. He wrote me a script for 28 2 mg strips on Oct 17th of 2013 and I tapered myself down on that prescription to last WED when I finally jumped off. It sounds crazy but I wanted to get myself really low on the Suboxone before stopping all together because I was so freaked out about withdrawal after reading some of these posts! Well I'm happy to report that I came off the Suboxone with almost no withdrawal symptoms. I got a script for Clonidine from my doctor and some Immodium but that is all. I have been sluggish and cold but that is the worst of it- no insomnia, no anxiety, no diarrhea, no chills, no rls, etc. I took three days off work just in case but honestly I would have been fine. I just wanted to put this post out there for anyone else that may be in a similar position. It can be done! You just have to be patient with the taper and prepare yourself. Good luck to everyone.

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    Congrats on getting off subs!! It was nice to read your story. I'm currently tapering subs after being on them for over 7 years. Although, I didn't take sub every single day all those years. I was an idiot and still abused opiates, then would go back to the sub when the pills ran out.

    I'm currently at 1.5 mg and I have to admit, I'm scared of the very end. But reading your story gives me hope.
    Take care,


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      I am on day two off subs. I was pretty ok until about 6 hours ago. Rls really bad, thrashing like a maniac in my bed for hours until i finally got up.
      I stopped at 1mg as well.
      I do feel better after getting outta bed, but im really scared thst if i feel this bad now... Whats to cone in the next few days?
      I have klonapin, muscle relaxants, immodium, vitamin b, weed for nausea, a few lunesta, melatonin, potassium, gatorade and advil.
      So far the klonipin has been most helpful. Hot baths have also helped a great deal.
      I really hope i can get through this. The taper was fast.was on >>>>>> fir 2 years, methadone for 7 years then 2mg of sub for a year, then 20mg of methadone for a month after which i went back on subs for about 10 days. 3, 3, 1.5, 1.5, 1.5, 1, 1, 1.3, 1.3, 1, 0.5

      I just didn't have enough time to taper longer

      I am stuck 1000 miles from home so i don't have much choice either.

      I am scared



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        Irene is it possible for you to get a prescription for Clonidine from your doctor? This definitely helped me the most as it controlled the rls, hot/cold flashes, and even helped me sleep. I just went in and saw my regular doctor, told her what I was doing and she suggested it. Hang in there, you are doing great. It's going to get easier, you need to tell yourself everyday-hour-minute, this is worth it, it's only going to suck for awhile, and then I will be free of these subs.


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          Hang in there, I am now at 3mg and starting to sweat. Thank god my wife to be is going on a business trip for 10 day, I am going to take a week off work and though it out. I hate myself for getting on the subs should have just dealt with the withdrawals 7 years ago and I would have been done by now. In life you either pay now or pay later, but you do have to pay. For me I am thinking of now even going Dow by. 125 every 4 days, I mean how bad can that be, sure it will take me 80 days or so but I think I can do it. I have to do it.


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            me too

            I am starting taper now from 8mgs to 2mgs. I will ask for clonidine script. She mentioned naltrexone. I am afraid but I have to be off this. Its no bueno. Any other advice?


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              Last chance: you don't mean that you are going to drop from 8mg. to 2mg.? You should do the taper plan outlined by Robert_325. I am posting the taper for you.


              You may want to post your own thread here.