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Is it possible for half life to be 200 hours long for long term users (8 years)

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  • Is it possible for half life to be 200 hours long for long term users (8 years)

    Is it possible for this to happen, I have been on them for 7 years at 24mg. Cut down to 8 then to 4 a month ago. I jumped at 3 MG and the decided to taper since everyone here told me I would have withdrawals, I took 1 mg, 30 hours ago but have not felt any strong withdrawals, I mean don't get me wrong, I have no energy to get out of bed, but I usually like that. I am not getting the sub buzz that I get every morning and feel cold but that is it. Is it possible that after years the subs are so build up in my system that I need 200 hours for the half life to hit? Just a a theory I have and need your help please.
    I just want to believe for a second this might actually be possible. I doubt it but hope is a beautiful thing to have in life. When we lose hope we lose everything.
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    You have a lot of sub built up in your system. It's almost impossible to say how much and long it would take to run its course. Out of curiosity, why do you "hope" there could be such a long half life?

    The thing is, to do a proper taper you must first get stable at a dose. That dose needs to be taken daily at the same time. The more you flip flop and take doses "whenever", the more difficult it will be to stabilize and/or taper successfully. I can't remember what dose you were recently taking, but my best advice is to follow the taper plan!

    All the best,


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      Kat I misspoke, I was not hoping for half life to be 200 hours, I was hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. hope is what keeps us going. For years I had no hope, I was the walking dead. But something in me changed and I want off. I wish that day 12 years ago never had to happen and I wish I never pulled out my wisdom teeth. Talk about a fork in the road.


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        I also heard cravings last about 30 minutes then they go way? Has anyone heard them? Do some people have constant cravings?


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          sore im not a Dr or sub expert but from what I have read the half life of subs can run anywhere from 20 to 80 hrs. You need to taper slowly after all these years on subs. Like Kath said you need to stop flip flopping with your dose if you want to get off subs with as little of discomfort as possible.



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            I agree suboxone has a half life of around 37 Hours or between 20 to 80... drugs like valium and thc are fat soluble and can have half lifes stretching to 200 Hours, nordiazapam is a metabolite of valium for instance and takes 200 Hrs i beleive... suboxone has bupe and metabolizes into norbuprenephrine i beleive and i dunno if its metabolites are active like the parent all gets rather complicated and i don't fully understand it... i guess the question would be is suboxone fat soluble as well and if so then perhaps after long term use it is in your lipid cells etc... saturating your body...i heard suboxone settles in your bones have no idea if that's true or not....more questions then answers here..perhaps someone can explain it better as i would like to know as well been using four years so really would help to understand this better... i been on a pretty low dose 2Mg or less for a few months but that's still probably stacked up pretty good in my body....currently at .75 mg and taking awhile to stableize...perhaps ther is a reason? Anyone know excactly? I'm just guessing and repeating bits and peices here...